Regimented refers to a strict and structured environment or system that requires strict obedience to rules and regulations.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



Disciplined, controlled, organized, ordered, structured, systemized


Flexible, relaxed, unstructured, unorganized, disordered

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun regiment, regimentations, regiments, regimentation
Verb regimented, regimenting, regiment, regiments
Adjective regimented, regimental
Adverb regimentally

Example Sentences

  • The military is known for its regimented lifestyle, where every aspect of a soldier’s life is tightly controlled.

  • The school had a regimented schedule, with classes starting and ending at the same time every day.

  • The company had a regimented approach to training its employees, ensuring that everyone followed the same process.

  • The coach was known for his regimented approach to training, making sure that his players adhered to a strict fitness regime.


The word regimented is often used to describe situations where there is a high degree of control and structure. It is commonly associated with military, educational, and corporate environments, where strict adherence to rules and procedures is necessary for success.

The word has its roots in the military, where soldiers are organized into units called regiments, which are known for their strict discipline and obedience to orders. Over time, the term has been extended to other areas of life, where strict rules and regulations are necessary to achieve specific goals.

The prefix “re-” in regimented means “again” or “back”, while the root word “regiment” comes from the Latin word “regimentum”, which means “government” or “management”. Therefore, regimented can be understood as a process of bringing things back under control, through strict management and regulation.

In summary, regimented is a word that describes a highly structured and controlled environment, where strict adherence to rules and regulations is required for success. It is commonly used in military, educational, and corporate settings, and has its roots in the military, where regiments are known for their strict discipline and obedience to orders. The word’s prefix “re-” and its root word “regiment” both convey the idea of control and management, making regimented a powerful word for describing situations where structure and discipline are essential.