Deluge refers to a heavy, overwhelming amount of something that is usually in the form of water or rain.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech

Noun and Verb


Flood, inundation, torrent, downpour


Drought, scarcity, dearth

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun deluges, deluge
Verb deluged, deluging, deluges, deluge
Adjective None
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The sudden deluge of rain caused flooding in several neighborhoods.

  • The company received a deluge of complaints about their customer service.

  • After the hurricane, there was a deluge of volunteers who came to help with the cleanup efforts.

  • The release of the highly anticipated product resulted in a deluge of orders and inquiries.


The word “deluge” is most commonly used to describe a heavy and overwhelming amount of water or rain that can cause flooding or other water-related problems. It can also be used more generally to describe a large and overwhelming amount of something else, such as complaints, requests, or orders.

The term “deluge” comes from the Latin word “diluvium,” which means “flood.” The suffix “-uge” is used to form nouns and means “a great quantity or size.” Therefore, the word “deluge” literally means “a great quantity of water.”

As a verb, “deluge” means to flood or overwhelm with a large amount of something. For example, “The new store opening was deluged with customers on its first day of business.”

In some contexts, the term “deluge” can have a negative connotation, suggesting that the amount of something is excessive or unwanted. However, in other contexts, it can be used more neutrally to simply describe a large amount of something.

Overall, the word “deluge” is a powerful and evocative term that is often used to describe the overwhelming force of water or rain. Its connotations of strength and force make it a useful word in many different contexts, from weather reports to marketing campaigns to disaster response efforts. It is important to use the word accurately, however, and to be aware of its potential negative connotations in certain contexts.