Insatiable refers to a strong desire or craving that cannot be satisfied, regardless of how much of something is provided or consumed. It refers to an unquenchable thirst or hunger for something, usually in a figurative sense, such as knowledge, power, success, or pleasure.


US English

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Part of Speech



unquenchable, unappeasable, insatiate, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, greedy, voracious, rapacious, gluttonous, avid, limitless, unending, bottomless


satisfied, content, fulfilled, satiated, quenched

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun None
Verb None
Adjective insatiable
Adverb insatiably

Example Sentences

  • He had an insatiable desire for power, and nothing could stop him from climbing the ladder of success.

  • Her insatiable curiosity led her to pursue a career in research, always seeking to learn more and discover new things.

  • Despite having a full stomach, the insatiable appetite of the young athlete demanded that he eat more.

  • The insatiable thirst for revenge blinded him from seeing reason, and he continued to seek vengeance at any cost.


The word insatiable can be used to describe various types of desires or cravings that are difficult or impossible to satisfy. It can refer to a deep-seated, all-consuming longing for something that drives a person to pursue it relentlessly, often at the expense of other aspects of their life. This term can be used in both positive and negative contexts, depending on the situation in which it is used.

The root word of insatiable is “sate,” which means to satisfy, gratify, or appease. The prefix “in-” denotes negation, which means “not” or “opposite of.” Therefore, insatiable literally means “not able to be satisfied.”

Other variations of the word “insatiable” include insatiably (adverb) and insatiability (noun), which denote the state or quality of being insatiable. In addition, there are several related words that share the same root word, such as “satiety” (the state of being satisfied or full), “saturate” (to fill or soak to capacity), and “satisfaction” (the feeling of contentment or fulfillment). These words can help to provide a deeper understanding of the meaning and usage of insatiable.