A reverie is a state of being lost in thought, a daydream or a state of deep reflection. It refers to a mental state in which one is lost in their own thoughts or imagination, often with a feeling of pleasantness or melancholy.


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Ali's contribution, which she also exhibited at the international fair Paris Photo last fall, is a love letter to Oman's land and people, "highlighting the beauty, imperfections and strength" that bind us, she explained. In other images, she plays with the poetic qualities of light, casting star projections across a portrait of a man whose eyes are closed in reverie , and setting another portrait of a woman against the deep purple hues of sunset.

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When, in 2005, they did, in a register office, 73% of those polled were opposed to her becoming queen. Although the late queen then denied Camilla the bespoke name checks in Anglican worship enjoyed (until their withdrawal in 1996) by Charles’s first wife, she did enjoy inclusion in regular state prayers for “all the royal family”, followed by her 2022 orison upgrade, one that can still shock unwary congregants out of a spiritual reverie : “Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness, we humbly beseech thee to bless Camilla the Queen Consort.”.

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. She deftly explores how remembrance can melt into reverie .

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Wait, I’m doing it, too. I’m underestimating Biden by assuming his decision about running depends on who his opponent might be — rather than on his own determination, discipline and political dexterity. Get lost in that kind of reverie , Republicans, and you’ll wake up to see him being sworn in for his second term.

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One of tech’s biggest thinkers has weighed in on the AI boom, saying humanity needs to get over the reverie it inspires and think about how it’s impacting us now.

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Famished from their labors, the narrator and his fellow scientists decamp to a Chinese laundry-turned-restaurant where they pour over the endless menu of esoteric delicacies, before returning to the sight of their laboratory in flames. What follows is a series of rabbit hole reveries , incited by the hypnotic inferno, in which the narrator remembers the tail end of a tryst with an enigmatic married woman, on the dark roads of the Midwest, many years previous.

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There’s Siddal as Ophelia drowning in the lush riverbank among forget-me-nots, or as the poet Dante Alighieri’s dying beloved, glowing with the ecstasy of reverie . You’ve perhaps also heard the melancholic retellings of Siddal’s own arc: muse with a turbulent love life; fragile health; life cut short at 32 due to the opiate laudanum poisoning her blood.

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Maybe I’m in the minority, and everyone else is so fixated on tea that they can’t even read five pages of a screenplay without peeling away, lost in a deep and wonderful reverie about all the different cups of tea they’d like to drink. If that’s the case, I apologise.

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