Amorous refers to a strong feeling of romantic love or desire, often associated with physical attraction or passion.


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She spent her days chasing a career, while her nights were a boozy smear of restaurants, speakeasies, and amorous encounters. She was exciting and discomfiting and morally questionable; she was confusing to her suitors, some of whom found her at once repellant and irresistible.

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The duke aired his concern about the amorous Muppet as he and the Duchess of Edinburgh spoke to puppy raisers at a Guide Dogs for the Blind Association Training Centre.

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Echoing her experience with Rachmaninoff – that moment she lost her concentration on a man’s composition – the amorous men who cross Elsa’s path are unable to hold her attention. It has been seized by the woman buying two horses. This woman will be the thread that strings together the fragments of Elsa’s life.

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The congress became a splendid social event. By an unbroken chain of festivities, Metternich kept the visiting monarchs in a mood that made them disinclined to interfere very persistently in the real work of the statesmen. Facile and not averse to amorous adventures, Metternich brilliantly mastered his dual role of social representation and political leadership.