Dishonest, untruthful or misleading.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



Dishonest, untruthful, fraudulent, insincere, mendacious


Honest, truthful, sincere, upright, scrupulous

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun deceitfulness, deceitfulnesses
Verb None
Adjective deceitful
Adverb deceitfully

Example Sentences

  • The deceitful salesman promised exceptional results, but his product failed to deliver on its claims.

  • She couldn’t trust him anymore after discovering his deceitful behavior and secret double life.

  • The deceitful politician manipulated the public with false promises and misleading statements.

  • Their friendship turned sour when she realized the extent of her deceitful friend’s betrayal.


The word “deceitful” is an adjective that describes someone or something that is dishonest, misleading, or inclined to deceive others. Its origin can be traced back to the Old English word “dēceitful,” derived from the Latin word “decipere,” meaning “to deceive.”

The suffix “-ful” in “deceitful” indicates full of, characterized by, or having the quality of deceit. The root “deceit” refers to the act of misleading or deceiving others.

The usage of “deceitful” pertains to individuals or actions that intentionally conceal or distort the truth, often for personal gain or to manipulate others. It implies a lack of trustworthiness, integrity, or sincerity. Those described as deceitful may employ cunning, trickery, or artifice to achieve their objectives or to conceal their true intentions.

Variations of the word “deceitful” include the noun form “deceit,” which refers to the act or practice of deceiving, and the adverb form “deceitfully,” describing actions or behaviors that are characteristic of deceitfulness.

Understanding the history and usage of “deceitful” serves as a reminder to be vigilant and cautious in our interactions, recognizing that not everyone may have honest intentions. It also underscores the importance of honesty, transparency, and integrity in fostering trust and maintaining healthy relationships.