Strife refers to a state of conflict or struggle between two or more parties, often characterized by hostility, tension, and disagreement.


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As Yemen marks 12 years since the February 2011 uprising, aspirations remain unfulfilled and the unthinkable has happened as the country slipped into years of strife and then war, which pushed it into the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

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Depending on how long these protests last, the situation could unfold into an uncharted security crisis with high risks of domestic instability and, as Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned, civil strife .

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Aside from being every child’s right, child benefits — along with other social protection benefits — can stabilise and dynamise entire economies and societies in times of economic or social strife .

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And, as he proved on January 6, 2021, Trump is prepared to foment violence and civil strife so long as it furthers his interests. Faced with prosecution, he recently threatened the prospect of “death and destruction.”

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Does all this explain the Sistine Chapel? Does it need to? Perhaps not. In one of the book’s most striking claims, referencing the late-Renaissance moment of violence, iconoclasm and religious strife , she declares of the “Last Judgment” that the “painting is about petty, human failure.”

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So the change is modest. Yet France has gone into a blaze of strikes and protests – burning bins; allowing thousands of tonnes of rubbish to pile up in the streets; with public transport and petrol pumps severely affected. Some commentators say the strife has worsened to the point of threatening ordinary civilian peace.

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The Chinese Embassy warned in a recent statement that the Philippine government’s security cooperation with Washington “will drag the Philippines into the abyss of geopolitical strife and damage its economic development at the end of the day.”

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"She has always said 'love forever,' said Yoshitake. She wants people to be at peace, and have this warmth and to care for each other. There's so much strife and war, terrorism, a lot of things she sees in the world, especially through this pandemic."

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Trump will surely be a constant distraction, and his showboating an incentive for House Republicans to turn what’s left of Biden’s term into a legislative wasteland. The president’s inaugural pledge to heal national divisions now sounds like a gag. Among its friends, Ukraine has most to lose if the US sinks deeper into introspective strife . Yet the legal machinery is in motion. The show must go on.

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Less than two weeks after the shooting of six people at a small Christian school in Nashville, the city’s raw mourning was swept into sprawling, emotional protests and political strife , culminating in accusations of racism over the expulsion of two young Black state legislators. It has been an extraordinary and painful season of hugs and funerals, marches and speeches, tears and anger.

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A country that has the worst performing economy in the developed world, that is reeling from industrial unrest, and is suffering social strife and poor public services, needs far better than this.

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Signed in Belfast on April 10, 1998, the Good Friday agreement is considered one of the most significant peace deals of the late 20th Century, seeking to end three decades of sectarian strife that killed more than 3,600 people.

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“There are those who regard this history of past strife and exile as better forgotten,” Kennedy said. “But, to use the phrase of Yeats, let us not casually reduce ‘that great past to a trouble of fools.’ For we need not feel the bitterness of the past to discover its meaning for the present and the future.”

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The strong backing from Washington – and the unified stance of the British and Irish governments – ensured that the atrocity by dissident republicans did not spiral once again into widespread strife .

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There was also internal company strife , with several of Mr. Levine’s family members, including his son, leaving the company after boardroom battles over strategy.

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Signed in Belfast on April 10, 1998, the agreement is considered one of the most significant peace deals of the late 20th Century, seeking to end three decades of sectarian strife between Catholic and Protestants known as "The Troubles" that killed more than 3,600 people.

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It’s time to try and persuade these people of the reality of life and it can be lived without this dilution. It’s time to stop the indoctrination of children and put a stop to this dangerous mentality. One has only to look at the conflicts and strife in the world that are directly caused by their practices.

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While the California economy maintains its powerhouse status, outranking even those of most countries, the state’s most-powerful sectors — including tech companies and supply chain logistics — have struggled to keep their footing, pummeled by high interest rates, investor skittishness, labor strife and other turmoil.

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Alongside British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Biden will hail the pact that brought about an end to three decades of sectarian strife in the restive British province, and paved the way for a more productive, positive relationship between Northern Ireland and Ireland, as well as the governments in Dublin and Westminster.

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House Democrats probably have a good bit of schadenfreude about this ongoing mess. The internal strife at the top has left the Republican agenda moving in slow motion over these first almost 100 days. On some of the things you’d think would be priorities, such as immigration, the GOP’s disarray has kept off the floor bills that would force Democrats to take votes that could be used in political attacks.

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The Chinese Embassy in Manila warned last month that strengthening defense ties with the US would “drag the Philippines into the abyss of geopolitical strife .” On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said US-Philippines cooperation “must not interfere in South China Sea disputes” and otherwise harm Beijing’s interests.

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The hostility between the two regional arch-rivals and major oil producers helped to fuel strife around the region. Last month, they agreed to end their diplomatic rift and reopen their diplomatic missions in a deal brokered by China.

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Fears of strife impeding transition to free elections

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Throughout the 2016 presidential election, WikiLeaks published internal communications from top officials in the Democratic National Committee, which helped sow internal division and strife , which may have contributed to Mr Trump’s victory that year.

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A confrontation between the two forces could bring prolonged strife across a vast country already dealing with economic breakdown and flare-ups of tribal violence.

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"A quarter century of bloodshed and strife and millennia of embedded sexism had discouraged most women from being in politics, from being in the arena, but not them," Clinton said opening the conference where current and former Irish, British and EU leaders will speak over the coming three days.

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Conceived during the pandemic and social justice protests of the past few years, the show lands at a time of political strife and division. People can’t agree on what it means to be American, on who gets to tell America’s story.

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Even in a country with a long history of civil strife , the scenes of fighting in the capital and its adjoining city Omdurman across the Nile River were unprecedented. The turmoil comes just days before Sudanese were to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

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The fighting represents the latest crisis in the North African nation, which has contended with numerous coups and periods of civil strife since becoming independent in 1956.

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Fighting between the army and the RSF has killed at least 185 people and injured more than 1,800, said UN envoy Volker Perthes amid airstrikes and fighting in Khartoum and further strife across other parts of Sudan. The power struggle has derailed a shift to civilian rule and raised fears of a wider conflict.

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The battling factions have both claimed to have made gains amid airstrikes and fighting in the capital, Khartoum, and strife across the country.

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But in place of all that strife , we now have multiple new bin fires breaking out all over the House of Windsor. Some, if not all, it must be said, seem like the utmost indulgence to hard-pressed Britons worried how to pay the rent.

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Some rank-and-file members, reading reports of internal strife , started asking leadership “‘This is terrible, is this true?’” said one senior House Republican, who requested anonymity to speak frankly.

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The Voice will set about its work, including making representations on the terms of a treaty, and then its implementation and enforcement in perpetuity. But whatever else the Voice does, it will be there to forever frustrate any and every initiative any future Coalition government might wish to undertake. What’s more, Australian liberal individualism will be dead. Australia will descend, slowly at first, then quickly, into identity politics tribalism, riven by all its attendant strife and dysfunction, or worse.

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The ongoing disruptions from prolonged labour strife could lead to escalating costs for airlines that have worked hard to mitigate problems, leading some CEOs to call on the European Commission to intervene.

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