To invent or create something, typically a story or explanation, in order to deceive others.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



concoct, contrive, devise, invent, manufacture, make up, falsify, forge, concoct


verify, corroborate, authenticate, substantiate

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun fabricators, fabrication, fabrications, fabricator
Verb fabricating, fabricates, fabricated, fabricate
Adjective None
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The witness admitted to fabricating his story in order to protect his friend.

  • The company was caught fabricating data to make their product seem more effective.

  • The journalist was accused of fabricating the interviewee’s responses in order to create a more sensational story.

  • The defendant claimed that the evidence against him had been fabricated by the police.


The word “fabricate” is used to describe the act of inventing or creating something, typically a story or explanation, in order to deceive others. It can be used in a variety of contexts, from personal relationships to professional settings. The word has a negative connotation, suggesting that the fabrication is done with the intent to deceive and mislead others.

The word “fabricate” comes from the Latin word “fabricare,” which means “to make or construct.” The root word “fabric-” can be found in other words as well, such as “fabric,” which refers to a material made by weaving or knitting fibers together. The suffix “-ate” is commonly added to words to turn them into verbs that describe the act of performing a certain action or creating a certain result.

The word “fabricate” can also be used in combination with other prefixes and suffixes to create new words with related meanings. For example, the prefix “pre-” can be added to create the word “prefabricate,” which means to manufacture or construct something in advance before it is needed. The suffix “-ion” can be added to create the word “fabrication,” which is another term for the act of fabricating or creating something in order to deceive others.

Overall, the word “fabricate” is a useful word that describes a common behavior in human interaction. Its negative connotation reflects the harm that can result from deception and lies, and it serves as a warning against dishonesty and manipulation. As such, it is a valuable addition to any vocabulary.