Idyllic means extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.


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But the idyllic scene is not all that it seems. In recent years, its longtime residents have been heading for the exit. The small trickle of fresh water in a dusty riverbed nearby is a clue to what has happened here. So too are the parched fields, the empty livestock circles and the houses with padlocks on their doors.

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Whether you’re attending the course in an idyllic farmhouse in New Zealand or a temple in Myanmar, the course schedule is identical across the globe: You wake up at 4am and basically spend the rest of the day meditating – either by yourself or in groups – or listening to teachers until lights out at 930pm.

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His version depicts the idyllic lily ponds of Monet's home in Giverny but includes, on the far right-hand side, a "dark portal" alluding to Ai's childhood in China's Xinjiang region. The patch of dark Legos represents the door to an underground dugout where the artist lived with his father in exile during the 1960s, according to a museum press release.

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Macarons require leaning into one’s setbacks. While it would be idyllic to succeed on the first try, more likely than not, you’ll need a failed attempt to inform your success. The failures teach you about your kitchen – how your stove heats or how long you need to whisk to get the meringue just right. The nuances of your kitchen – and mastering them – are just as critical as the technique itself. In fact, it’s part of mastering that technique.

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“It was idyllic ,” he told CNN Travel recently. “Life was really, really good – until one day I had a really bad day at the office.”

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And there is a wall-sized rendering in Lego bricks of one of Monet’s water lily paintings, a meditation on the exhibition’s themes of artifice and craft. A dark rectangle interrupts the potential idyll , representing the portal to the underground desert home where Ai and his father were forced to live in the 1960s. It takes you back to a spirit of resilience in extreme circumstances, which is what gives this show its authority.

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The view from the Ukrainian town of Ochakiv appears idyllic . Beyond the beach, a narrow strip of land stretches out across the sea. The peninsula in Mykolaiv province is known as the Kinburn spit. In happier times holidaymakers would take a boat from Ochakiv and camp among the dunes. The nature reserve is home to swans, pelicans and migrating birds.

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When people began settling the island a decade ago, it had no electricity or running water. Even today, the island remains sleepy and idyllic beyond the string of beach bungalows and Khmer-style wooden resorts along Saracen Bay.

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Since 1992, the charming Highbury shop has been a magnet for thousands of collectors of the anthropomorphic animals – a magical grotto reminiscent of a bygone idyll .

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You may have stood to the side for them while bushwalking, pausing patiently as cheery folk with strange little backpacks trot past. Or perhaps an algorithm has fed you some idyllic shots of sweaty people on mountaintops or winding their way through a forest.

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From its steep cliffs rising out of impossibly blue seas to the elegant houses draped in bougainvillea, perfectly manicured gardens and exclusive restaurants, this Bay of Naples idyll offers a taste of the high life.

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There is a catch to this seemingly idyllic scheme, but for many it might not be a hardship at all.

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But instead of addressing complex, long-term challenges like the ones posed by Cospito's hunger strike or migrant arrivals on the Italian shores, Meloni's government has focused its legislative efforts on a series of policies "in the name of cultural nationalism, [...] an idea of the nation as something that is not negotiable, that exists in purity in some idyllic past, against contamination from migrants, anarchists, and the food industry," said Strazzari.

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Known for its sandy beaches, blue skies and turquoise waters, the Mediterranean idyll faces dwindling rural population numbers, as young locals move abroad for work.

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In my newest horror novel In Nightfall, I knew I wanted to pull some inspiration from vampire classic The Lost Boys. Siblings forced to move to a beach town with a single parent, enigmatic locals inducting you into their weird bloody beach cult, and a grandparent who knows way more than they’re willing to say. But in the idyllic town of Nightfall, it’s not the dark you need to be afraid of. It’s the beautiful, vicious, and unapologetically violent teenage girls.

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Not to put too fine a point on it, this is close to the opposite of the outcome I wanted. Without succumbing entirely to the seductions of analogy, you could say the situation with Boyfriend 2, who is, to quickly summarize, perfect, was not dissimilar from the idyllic free vacation that I was being paid to go on, in that despite all appeals to logic, emotional and physical health, and the opportunity to in one fell assignment produce a swashbuckling masterpiece of magazine journalism, conquer the sexist genre of wellness writing, and unite irony and sincerity once and for all, I would have preferred to be in Berlin smoking cigarettes. .

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Enter The Spa at Breedon Priory, a (fairly) new kid on the block that lets you book a full or half day at their tranquil idyll in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Open since summer 2022 and already named the Best Boutique Spa at the Professional Beauty Awards 2023, it’s only a 90-minute train from London St Pancras to East Midlands Parkway, from where the spa is a 15-minute taxi ride away.

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Towards the end of the series, Dre is arrested in her last desperate attempt to meet Ni'Jah. However, an idyllic ending ensues, even though what play out appears to be Dre’s fantasy.

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Long-running BBC radio soap opera The Archers might conjure images of an idyllic country life, but its storylines frequently highlight real tensions in British society.

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Ask a member of Generation Z where in the world they would most like to live, and chances are they will say South Korea. K-pop and kimchi have made it indisputably fashionable, and if the Instagram account of one of my Korean friends is anything to go by, life there is really quite idyllic , provided you can forget who your neighbours are.

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In recent years, the islands in this part of the country have become increasingly developed and visited by tourists drawn to the calm aquamarine sea and idyllic island scenery.

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The glistening scenery makes for a beautiful drive, hike, or remote homestay tour. It's particularly idyllic during tea harvesting season from September to November. Alesha Bradford/CNN An Bang Village: Set on a beach outside of Hue, Vietnam's ancient imperial capital in central Vietnam, An Bang Village is known as the "City of Ghosts.

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The series received millions of views, but the idyllic scenes increasingly clashed with federal laws as the men moved eastward.

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Even though life in Irsina isn’t always idyllic , with snowy winters that isolate the town for days, migrants here say they are living the dream.

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While shoppers often find their local farmers’ market to be an idyllic oasis of green vegetables, fresh eggs and organic baked goods, it can sometimes be a far different experience for the people who work there.

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From flaming springs and burning mountainsides to its idyllic coastline, the nation known as “The Land of Fire” is packed with strange and wonderful geography. This historic meeting point of cultures means there’s rich traditions waiting to be explored, in a place where world heritage sites and contemporary masterpieces rub shoulders.

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The area is protected under an EU conservation initiative, and at first glance, it seems to be an unspoiled haven for wildlife. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a less idyllic reality.

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Critics have noted Jessica’s status as a “feminist icon” and “anti-ageism heroine,” as well as the show’s unique coziness and soporific effects, due to the idyllic seaside setting of Cabot Cove, Maine, and the comforting fact that Jessica always cracks the case.

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Such messaging is rooted in a tendency for Western societies to reduce childhood to an idyllic innocence, which positions children as “in need of protection” and amplifies their constant vulnerability.

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But as Baker lounged on a folding chair near the “Happiest Place on Earth,” the 58-year-old retiree said the governor has lost his support due to his relentless squabbling with the builder and quasi-overseer of this idyllic town, the Walt Disney Co.

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"It is not as popular as the iconic Lijiang River in Guilin, but an increasing number of visitors favor it because of the fresh air, fewer visitors, and the plain and idyllic lifestyle of the local villagers," said Jiang.

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It is a rural idyll of subtropical temperatures, abundant rivers and streams, and a relative lack of human development – exactly the sort of environment in which various species of freshwater turtle thrive, Sung says.

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Climbing trees might be the kind of randomness he would approve of, but Field, who grew up in a village north of Cambridge, isn’t harking back to some imagined rural idyll . He loves London. “Although it feels instinctively that living in the countryside brings you closer to nature and is somehow more environmentally friendly, in reality it’s big cities that are probably the future.”

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Known for its coffee and idyllic environment, Costa Rica ranks highly on human development and happiness indexes. What makes this Central American country so attractive? What lies behind its economic success?

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It would likely have been idyllic for many early Black nationalists and pan-Africanists such as Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. Writing for The New York Times Magazine, Carvell Wallace argues that these visionaries are part of a line of Black forebears who “have populated the Africa of our imagination with our most yearning attempts at self-realization.”