Resplendent means shining brightly or brilliantly, or having a radiant and impressive appearance. It refers to something that is striking, dazzling, or magnificent in its beauty or splendor.


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As you’d expect from a movie originated by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead zombie franchise, Renfield is also resplendent in gore. Dracula’s grotesque visage – decaying in reverse as he gathers strength – is a prosthetics triumph, and in one fight scene our hero rips an opponent’s arms from his torso, then uses the severed limbs as clubs to batter his next victim. Cool!

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Charles will be crowned at London's Westminster Abbey on May 6 in a ceremony full of resplendent pomp and pageantry, with traditions dating back 1,000 years.

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The best scenes in the movie are the ones that develop the relationship between him and Dracula, spend time stewing in the uniqueness of their situation. Dracula has taken up residence in an old abandoned mental hospital and hung dried blood bags from the ceiling; why don’t we get to explore this resplendently creepy place, the world they have created? Why don’t we get more black and white flashbacks that play with the cinematic forebear it acknowledges?

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The manor house is resplendent with 18th-century wood panelling, chandeliers and large stone fireplaces – the rooms in this old part are the most characterful.

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An immediate concern is that the AI systems producing plausible text, images and voice – which exist already – create harmful disinformation or help commit fraud. The Future of Life letter refers to letting machines “flood our information channels with propaganda and untruth”. A convincing image of Pope Francis in a resplendent puffer jacket, created by the AI image generator Midjourney, has come to symbolise those concerns. It was harmless enough, but what could such technology achieve in less playful hands? Pisano warns of people deploying systems that “actually manipulate people and bring down some of the key pieces of our democracies”.

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The four-mile jaunt to Killantringan involves a steep descent on an access road to another caramel-white Stevenson charmer, resplendent in the sun. Currently a private estate, and with just one other dwelling in sight, Killantringan feels thrillingly isolated. Gusts nag at my trousers as I scan Portamaggie Bay, hoping for a glimpse of the wrecked (in 1982) MV Craigantlet. I’m unsuccesful.

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Charinya lit up London’s rainswept streets resplendent in a traditional costume of chadaa headdress, sbai silk shawl, chong kraben skirt, and ankle bracelet.

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There is so much in the craft of these poems equally to admire and revel in, including Adair-Hodges’s seemingly effortlessly inventive turns of image, line, and phrase. Her tone and the voice of these poems is also a wonder, at once irreverent, funny, biting, and downright sad. While the poems square themselves against ruin, they are actually resplendent , coming to us as they do, from ‘a country in which the poet is the only citizen so, also, its queen.’”

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Cairns is not just all talk. Pupils at his school know they are seen, heard and valued – just as they are. Students and staff have been marching in Brighton’s annual Pride Parade since 2017. Last year the school hired an open-top, doubledecker bus, which pupils duly decorated. Cairns, resplendent in sequined pink shirt, led a large contingent of staff and students through the famously inclusive city.

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Together, they range through glam, Bakersfield and cowpunk licks and give several tracks the resplendent jangle of West Coast country-rock. Vocally, Byrne steers between the old-school country poles of stoicism and melodrama, singing with both wiry strength and sensitivity, pacing her swells of feeling and softening into vibrato at end of lines.

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In 1999, Wintour’s first year as chair of the event, Hartman snapped a photograph of the Vogue editor-in-chief walking in with former editor-at-large André Leon Talley, who passed away in 2022. The image of them is joyful, with both editors resplendent in costume and caught in motion.

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The formal focal point of the weekend is the coronation at Westminster Abbey, where King Charles III and Queen Camilla, will be crowned. The resplendent visual spectacle – commencing with the procession from Buckingham Palace to the abbey – uses carefully orchestrated pomp and circumstance to remind spectators of the magic of monarchy.

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Charles, 74, and his wife Camilla will be crowned at London's Westminster Abbey in a glittering but solemn religious ceremony with traditions dating back some 1,000 years, followed by a procession, resplendent with pomp and pageantry.

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Princess Anne in a crimson-plumed bicorn hat, swashbuckling through Westminster Abbey in a Napoleonic velvet cloak. Penny Mordaunt stealing the show in a teal two-piece that echoed the commanders’ wives in the Handmaid’s Tale, accessorised with a giant sword. Nine-year-old Prince George, a Nutcracker toy soldier come to life, resplendent in crimson and frogging.

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Members of the royal family, however, arrived in traditional regalia. The Prince of Wales wore a ceremonial dress uniform of the Welsh guards, while the Princess of Wales looked resplendent in official robes — worn over an Alexander McQueen ivory silk crepe dress peppered with silver bullion embroidered roses, thistles, daffodils and shamrock motifs symbolizing the different nations of the United Kingdom.

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But as with a sports playoff game or Hollywood awards ceremony, the coronation of Charles III has made me into an instant, if temporary, royals superfan. I can’t resist a spectacle — never mind one code-named Operation Golden Orb — resplendent with props like the Stone of Destiny, holy olive oil, a gold coach and a scepter containing the largest colorless cut diamond in the world. But as with all fandom, fair-weather and otherwise, allegiance is complicated.

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And this event featured the first ever appearance by a gospel choir at a coronation; dressed in resplendent white, the Ascension Choir performed ‘Alleluia’ just before the Archbishop’s sermon.

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Setting the theme of the resplendent yet intimate-for-a-royal coronation ceremony, King Charles III’s first remarks at the beginning of the two-hour spectacle in Westminster Abbey were: “I come not to be served, but to serve.”

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At the coronation, Kate’s dress was shrouded for the most part under traditional regalia – in the resplendent red, white and blue of the Union Jack flag.

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The range of overseas dignitaries was as wide as it was for the funeral of the Queen last September; notably welcome was the return of King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan, who must make all other royals, however resplendent , feel a little drab. President Biden, meanwhile, was represented by the First Lady and their granddaughter Finnegan.

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At the coronation, Kate's dress was shrouded for the most part under traditional regalia -- in the resplendent red, white and blue of the Union Jack flag.

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The lifestyle, cooking, baking and entertaining business icon, who was photographed resplendent on a beach in the Dominican Republic, is officially one of the most interesting celebrities in Hollywood. She has succeeded, failed and rebounded, pivoting and reinventing herself, all the while defying societal expectations about aging.

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