Snide refers to a remark or comment that is derogatory, sarcastic or insulting in nature, often made in a sneaky or snobbish way.


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While there might be the occasional snide remark from one of the contestants (ahem, Melissa), overall the atmosphere is positive and supportive, and it’s satisfying to see the gradual progression of their skills throughout the series.

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This tack is an interesting alternative to the recent series of high-profile revisions to the texts of classic works of literature, in which publishers and estates have removed or altered potentially offensive language—though perhaps it was a choice made by necessity, as the essential racist attitudes of Gone With the Wind are almost certainly too pervasive to simply cut out and replace as you might a snide comment about wig-wearing. It also echoes much of the controversy around the (also quite racist!) film adaptation, the highest-grossing film of all time (adjusting for inflation)—and the decision made by HBO Max in 2020 to remove it from its catalog until it could be returned “with a discussion of its historical context.

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“Tagging along after the foot ball fellows,” though, would be the baseball club’s fate for a while longer. As Sporting Life snidely observed, club owners were loathe to change anything about the way they managed their game—especially if that change required them to write a check. But it wasn’t just owners, the baseball players didn’t like being numbered, either.


Coverage of his candidacy will no doubt devolve into snide predictions of his unelectability. Sure, his “lane” might be a narrow bike lane in a party trafficking in crazy. However, much as dissents on the current Supreme Court stand as a rebuke to the right-wing majority, the Hutchinson-Cheney message serves to prick the conscience of Republicans who still have one — offering a reminder that they are not doomed to follow a narcissistic demagogue over the cliff.

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“The reaction is always like, ‘Oh, good for you,’” he said, putting on a snide voice.

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The documents were another lesson for younger members in how OG thought the world really worked. The member said OG wasn’t hostile to the U.S. government, and he insisted that he was not working on behalf of any country’s interests. “He is not a Russian operative. He is not a Ukrainian operative,” the member said. The room on the server where he posted the documents was called “bear-vs-pig,” meant to be a snide jab at Russia and Ukraine, and an indication that OG took no sides in the conflict.

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Whether it’s Kristin’s philandering ex; her hotheaded cousin Fabrizio (Eduardo Scarpetta) — the protagonist’s rival for the job of Balbano family capo; her lover Lorenzo, who has something to hide; or any number of other male adversaries, antagonists and assassins, the film handles them with approaches ranging from a snide put-down to being tossed into a grape macerating machine.

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“What women in particular report is an extra layer of misogynistic abuse. That can be from other cyclists. Men seem not to be able to help themselves with snide comments or abuse about the way a woman is riding or where she is on the road. Women have to put up with an additional layer of toxicity that compounds the problem.”

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What is unforgivable is that almost without exception, they do not want to learn how to do it. They think they know best. They are often snide , poisonous, dismissive of previous teams, particularly teams from their same party. And they come in with frothing adrenaline and swagger.”

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Porter's second novel, Lanny (2019), offered an unusual take on an outsider child, a whimsical woodsprite with an affinity for nature who goes missing. It featured a shape-shifting mythical green-leafed pagan spirit named Dead Papa Toothwort who feeds on overheard snippets of the villagers' revealing conversations, which form a symphony of snide insinuations about the boy's mother, in particular.

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How many pundits are fun to watch? Even the rest of the Fox line-up is unbearable – loud, strident and over-emphatic, clumsily collusive, not clever but merely snide . So come 2 a.m., I now feel robbed. I have choked down my tasteless legumes and blobby soy protein, and I want dessert. Were Carlson to pop back up on a podcast, I’d check it out.

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Lateral violence equates to a psychologically unsafe environment. This can be bullying, exclusion or freezing people out, belittling others’ opinions, snide comments or remarks, gossiping, mobbing or sharing personal information. Colleagues may not recognize the impact of their behaviour on others.

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Our American journalist peers were in another league altogether. Exuding punch and pizzazz, they had the presence of Hollywood actors playing TV correspondents. The levels of good hair were unbelievable. I like the can-do American spirit, the lack of snide negativity and the appreciation for ambition.

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Imagine the eyes of the world, let alone your family, on you and you alone; the whispers and giggles and snide looks. Imagine the poignancy of being relegated to the third row, next to a second cousin of the King, while your brother takes prominence and embraces your father as part of the official pledge of allegiance.

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Against commentators who foolishly argue that “who” can do all the work of “whom,” Campbell’s elegantly snide riposte began “To Who It May Concern,” before listing other absurdities such as a retitled Hemingway novel, “For Who the Bell Tolls.”

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