Enigmatic is an adjective that describes something that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



Mysterious, cryptic, puzzling, baffling, inscrutable, incomprehensible, elusive.


Transparent, clear, evident, straightforward, understandable, unambiguous.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun enigma, enigmas
Verb None
Adjective enigmatical, enigmatic
Adverb enigmatically

Example Sentences

  • In the realm of quantum physics, the behavior of subatomic particles remains enigmatic, defying our conventional understanding of cause and effect, as their elusive nature and wave-particle duality present a puzzling paradox that continues to intrigue scientists, inspiring a relentless pursuit of unraveling the enigmatic mysteries of the quantum world.

  • The enigmatic smile on Mona Lisa’s face has puzzled art historians for centuries.

  • The enigmatic message in the cryptic note left investigators scratching their heads.

  • The enigmatic behavior of the CEO has raised questions among the company’s employees.


The word enigmatic is commonly used to describe things that are difficult to understand or decipher. It can refer to a wide range of objects, concepts, or individuals, including art, literature, puzzles, and people. The word is often used to describe something that has an element of mystery, and that can evoke feelings of curiosity or intrigue.

The word enigmatic is derived from the Greek word “ainigma,” which means “riddle” or “mystery.” It is related to other words with similar roots, such as “enigma” and “enigmatize.” Understanding the etymology of the word can help in understanding its meaning and usage.

Other variations of the word “enigmatic” can be created by adding prefixes and suffixes. For example, the prefix “non-” can be added to create the word “nonenigmatic,” which means not mysterious or not puzzling. Alternatively, the suffix “-ity” can be added to create the noun form “enigmaticity,” which refers to the quality or state of being enigmatic.

Overall, the word enigmatic is a useful adjective that can be used to describe a wide range of mysterious or puzzling situations or objects. By understanding its roots and variations, one can more effectively use the word in both spoken and written communication.