Irascible means having or showing a tendency to be easily angered or provoked.


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Mr. Lynch, 59, served under four mayors and seven police commissioners during nearly a quarter century as the irascible president of the Police Benevolent Association, which represents nearly 50,000 active and retired police officers.

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This episode contains spoilers for the third episode of “Succession” Season 4. He died in a prison of his own making: in the bathroom, mostly off-screen, surrounded by toadies, up in the air. No one he loved was there. I’m speaking, of course, of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the cruel, irascible scion and patriarch of HBO’s “Succession” who created a conservative media empire on the cusp of getting a fascist elected president.

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Either way, even given the accepted difficulties of picking spiritual leaders, it might have been wise for a church dedicated to the poor to invite fellow professionals to share the responsibility of anointing an irascible billionaire, however docile Charles might currently appear.

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It is possible she had never seen cake before today, but she has now, and something deep and beastly stirs within her tiny chest. Quite absurdly, given that she was surely only born a few days ago, my tiny, irascible daughter has just turned one, so we have gathered the exact number of persons we can reasonably fit in our kitchen to celebrate. Every single plate and bowl we have is doing double duty for the guests assembled.

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She is both an inspiration for how to live outside the restrictions of Mussolini’s Italy and a supporter and guide through the darkness of war. Irascible and indomitable, she was an absolute joy to write, much as the aunts below are a delight to read.

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But she is quick to add that “I am not aware of the back story of this particular episode and why the tigress got irritated by the safari vehicles. Some tigers are more irascible than others, it depends on their personality as well”.

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For the roughly three dozen lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus, the fight over the nation’s fiscal health has doubled as an affirmation of their rapid political ascent. With government divided — and Republicans only in possession of a narrow, delicate advantage in the chamber — the bloc has evolved from an irascible minority faction into a controlling legislative force.

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