Scintillating refers to something that is brilliant, sparkling, or exceptionally lively and stimulating.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



Dazzling, sparkling, brilliant, vivacious, lively


Dull, boring, uninteresting, lackluster, lifeless

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun scintillation, scintilla, scintillations, scintillas
Verb scintillated, scintillate, scintillating, scintillates
Adjective scintillant, scintillating
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The fireworks display was truly scintillating, with bright colors and breathtaking patterns filling the night sky.

  • The speaker’s scintillating presentation kept the audience engaged and entertained for hours.

  • The actress was known for her scintillating performances, which brought depth and intensity to even the most mundane roles.

  • The novel was filled with scintillating dialogue and complex characters, making it a captivating read from start to finish.


The word “scintillating” is often used to describe things that are visually impressive or intellectually stimulating. It can refer to physical objects, like a scintillating diamond or a scintillating sunset, as well as more abstract concepts, like a scintillating conversation or a scintillating idea.

One common usage of “scintillating” is in the context of entertainment or art. A reviewer might use the term to describe a movie or play that is exceptionally well-crafted and engaging, or a musician who gives a scintillating performance that leaves the audience wanting more. Similarly, a writer might use the term to describe a novel or essay that is filled with interesting ideas and compelling prose.

The word “scintillating” comes from the Latin word “scintillare,” which means to sparkle or glitter. It is often used in conjunction with other words to create compound adjectives that describe different types of brilliance or liveliness. For example, “scintillating wit” might describe a person who is exceptionally clever and humorous, while “scintillating energy” might describe an event or atmosphere that is exceptionally vibrant and exciting.

There are a few variations of the word “scintillating” that may be worth noting. The adverb form is “scintillatingly,” which can be used to modify a verb to indicate that something is being done in an exceptionally brilliant or lively way. There is also a noun form, “scintillation,” which refers to a brilliant display or spark, such as the scintillation of a diamond or the scintillation of fireworks.

In conclusion, “scintillating” refers to something that is brilliant, sparkling, or exceptionally lively and stimulating. It is often used in the context of entertainment, art, and intellectual pursuits to describe exceptionally well-crafted or engaging works.