Opulence refers to the quality of being rich, luxurious, or extravagant, often characterized by the display of great wealth and abundance of material possessions.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



wealth, affluence, luxury, abundance, lavishness, prosperity, richness, extravagance, sumptuousness, grandeur.


poverty, destitution, austerity, frugality, simplicity, modesty, plainness, economy.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun opulence, opulences
Verb None
Adjective opulent
Adverb opulently

Example Sentences

  • The opulence of the palace was evident in the intricate gold designs on the ceiling, the crystal chandeliers, and the ornate furniture.

  • The billionaire’s opulence was so grandiose that he had rooms in his mansion specifically designated for his art collection and a personal movie theater with velvet seating.

  • The opulence of the casino was apparent in the glittering slot machines, the high-stakes card games, and the gourmet restaurants inside.

  • The opulence of the fashion show was displayed through the extravagant gowns adorned with jewels and the grand staircase the models walked down.


Opulence is a noun that describes great wealth or lavish display of riches. It can be used to describe a rich and luxurious lifestyle or an extravagant display of grandeur. The word derives from the Latin word ‘opulentus,’ meaning wealthy, which also gave rise to similar words such as ‘opulent’ and ‘opulently.’

There are a few variations of the word ‘opulence,’ such as ‘opulent’ and ‘opulently.’ The word ‘opulent’ is an adjective that describes something rich and luxurious, such as an opulent mansion or an opulent lifestyle. ‘Opulent’ can also describe a person who is rich and prosperous. For example: “The opulent businessman drove his luxury sports car down the street.”

The suffix “-ence” in ‘opulence’ is added to many Latin roots to form nouns, which means “quality of” or “state of.” Some examples include ‘preference’ (quality of being preferred), ‘inference’ (state of deducing a conclusion), and ‘resilience’ (quality of being able to recover from difficulties).

The word ‘opulence’ can also be prefixed with ‘over-’ to form the word ‘over-opulence,’ which describes an excessive display of wealth and luxury. This can be seen in cases where a person’s opulence goes beyond the bounds of what is considered tasteful or appropriate. For example: “The over-opulence of the celebrity’s wedding was widely criticized in the media.”

Overall, opulence is a word that is often associated with wealth, luxury, and grandeur. Its usage can vary from describing a person’s lifestyle, to being used to describe a display of great wealth and extravagance.