Fervor is a noun that refers to a passionate or intense feeling of excitement or enthusiasm.


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India for all practical purposes has become a corporate, theocratic Hindu state, a highly policed state, a fearsome state. The institutions that were hollowed-out by the previous regime, particularly the mainstream media, now seethe with Hindu supremacist fervor . Simultaneously, the free market has done what the free market does.

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“One of those things that I really learned during that period was that there was nothing I could do that would dampen that fervor . Whether I participated in it or not, there was just going to be all these stories and all of these things,” she said of the early media attention she received. “And so I decided to have agency.”

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Nineteen-eighties-style shoulder pads are back, and so is a fervor for book banning, says Judy Blume, who told the BBC over the weekend that the cultural battle taking place is now “worse than it was in the 1980s.”

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Thai media outlets covering Shinawatra’s campaign trail say she is banking on nostalgia and hoping to reignite the same kind of public fervor that swept her father and aunt to power.

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The moves come at a time of heightened religious fervor – with Ramadan coinciding with Passover and Easter celebrations. Jerusalem's Old City, home to key Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, has been teeming with visitors and religious pilgrims from around the world.

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This devotion to Trump isn’t mere loyalty to the Republican Party. It is religious fervor . Trump and the GOP have fused their fortunes together to become a religion of grievance and retribution. It’s why Trump’s last public appearance before his indictment was in Waco, Texas, where the Branch Davidian Compound engaged in a fateful standoff with the U.S. government.

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But as the decades passed, Jews’ special status and relative prosperity — and the fact that a lot of people owed them money — bred resentment. An increasingly antisemitic Vatican, and a concurrent rise in Christian religious fervor , only raised tensions. There were more pogroms. At the same time, successive monarchs rolled back Jews’ rights and protections and wrung ever more money out of them — not just through loans but also special taxes, extortion and appropriation — to fund their own lavish lifestyles and undertake pet projects, like waging wars and building castles, churches and other landmarks like Westminster Abbey.

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Western Christianity, including Catholicism, has often been enlisted to stir up patriotic fervor in support of nationalism. Historically, one typical aspect of the Catholic approach is linking devotion to the Virgin Mary with the interests of the state and military.

The Irish revere the account of this dream described in the “Confessio”; they accept the simplicity and fervor of his words and feel a debt of gratitude for his unselfish commitment to their spiritual well-being.

But the political fervor among progressive Democrats for compulsory affordable housing attached to tax incentives for conversions could dampen developers’ interest in the costly overhauls. And it’s not clear any of the policy initiatives on the table will yield conversions on a broad enough scale to turn underpopulated downtowns into bustling residential neighborhoods. As major cities from Chicago to San Francisco to Washington also look to the overhauls, they remain expensive and logistically difficult to pursue.

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Nevertheless, that single nonrenewal of a contract prompted a fervor in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. At an Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, for example, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey accused the agency of discriminating against the bishops’ conference “solely because it fundamentally respects the innate value and preciousness of an unborn child and refuses to be complicit in procuring his or her violent death by abortion.”

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But I saw it and I was there and at least momentarily there was an end to my inconsolable pain. I can’t explain it to my dog but her fervor for eating blood is much greater than mine. That’s why I have her.

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The opponents win, they think, because of undemocratic features of our government, such as the filibuster. Or they blame campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association. Or the Supreme Court’s rulings that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own guns. Or the paranoid fervor of some Republicans.

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If heaven exists, it must exist in the form of a clean and quiet house, a comfortable chair near a snoring dog, a glass of cold wine, and a lapful of short stories. I love the short story form with a wild-eyed passion, the fervor of a street-corner evangelist who dresses up in robes to shout at pedestrians about angels and harlots and the seven-headed beast of the end of days.

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This summer will test audience fervor for enhanced experiences, said Jeff Bock, analyst for Exhibitor Relations Co. Large screens will be jammed starting in May with Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" through director Christopher Nolan's biopic "Oppenheimer" in late July and shark movie "The Meg 2" in August.

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The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were a bunch of so-so male artists who got together in 1848 to dress up their art in the borrowed robes of 15th-century religious fervour and promote themselves as social saviours. But the wall text will have us believe they were “revolutionaries” who “wanted to express themselves authentically with art and poetry based on lived experience and nature”, that they were a group of “young men and women” in spite of stressing Brotherhood in their name.

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On these issues, Catholic tradition at any rate is clear, and to adopt progressive values would be, in effect, to give up on Catholicism. Conservative Anglicans would say the same for their faith. But progressivism has a religious fervour of its own. Hence the impossibility of bridge-building – and hence the failed promise of Welby and Francis’s attempts at unifying leadership.

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That leaves a question. Slavery is still with us, and the Guardian prides itself on its desire to end it. Was giving millions to Americans living in Georgia the best way to demonstrate their campaigning fervour ?

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The raids came at a time of heightened religious fervour – with Ramadan coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Passover and the Christian Easter celebrations. Violent scenes from the attacks outraged Palestinians observing the holy fasting month of Ramadan and prompted armed groups in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip to fire a barrage of rockets into Israel.

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It’s important to keep things in perspective. Something about psychedelics induces a kind of evangelical fervour

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Joe Biden’s visit this week did not quite match that fervour but at times it came close, alchemising politics, diplomacy and the personal into a feelgood glow for visitor and hosts.

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In 2011, as a wave of populist fervor swept through Congress, delivering a restive class of anti-spending Republicans who had no appetite for raising the debt limit, House G.O.P. leaders rallied their members around a bill with a blunt, snappy slogan: “Cut, Cap and Balance.”

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Hassan, though, said it was Trump pulling the strings and driving events ahead of Jan. 6 — not Tarrio. He was joined in that contention by Biggs’ lawyer Norm Pattis, who said Trump and his cadre of lawyers stoked the “stop the steal” fervor among millions of supporters.

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Last spring the White House, recognizing the power and influence of South Korean culture, enlisted BTS — a boy band whose global fandom is Beatles-esque in its fervor — to talk about anti-Asian prejudice and hate crimes.

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