To struggle or fight in a rough, physical manner.


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We discussed the appeal of underdogs, the smell of piano keys, and the vagaries of having one’s work adapted for the screen. We also tussled over autofiction and the mythic Male and Female. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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“It’s always going to be a tussle between the individual needs of those involved, and we shouldn’t expect to be perfectly aligned or agreed on everything.”

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PM Lee was also asked for his vision for the relationship between China and the United States. Both countries are tussling over trade, technology and Taiwan. The latest object of conflict was popular Chinese app TikTok, which Washington argues is a national security threat and wants banned.

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Elliott is one of the five activist investors to build a position in Salesforce in recent months, pushing the company to close its profitability gap with its mature software peers. The Club's take: Elliott's peace agreement is another sign Benioff is winning this activist tussle with an ambitious multi-year strategy to expand margins while growing revenues.

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The court ruling followed weeks of tussling between Mr Gandhi and members of Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ). Mr Gandhi had repeatedly called for an inquiry into the relationship between Mr Modi and Gautam Adani, a billionaire tycoon whose business practices and closeness to power have come under scrutiny.

Logo 2023-03-27 The Economist

China and Taiwan have tussled for influence in Latin America since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, with Beijing considering Taiwan part of Chinese territory, a position Taipei strongly rejects. China refuses to allow other countries to maintain diplomatic relations with both at the same time.

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The cable would give China strategic gains in its tussle with the United States, one of the people involved in the deal told Reuters.

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The filings by Match and Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) mark the latest tussle between Google and rival companies, which have repeatedly criticised the U.S. company for what they say are unfair business restrictions.

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Though new to a whole generation of English voters, tussles over identity were commonplace before official electoral registers first began in 1832. Voters would tell the returning officer their name and might need to prove their age, property ownership, or whether they were in receipt of alms.

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“I mean, this is a guy who switched parties,” Clark said. “This is a guy who’s gotten into some tussles with the state legislature at times. Justice is a guy who you wouldn’t necessarily think we’d be as wildly popular as he appears to be.”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has been in repeated tussles with various social media platforms when they failed to take down certain content or accounts that it accused of spreading misinformation.

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The filing marks the latest tussle between Google and rival startups, which have repeatedly criticized the U.S. company for what they say are unfair business restrictions.

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In his pomp, he would have loved the intolerance, the viciousness, the very British race struggle in our politics right now: the tussle of one side to out-racist the other, to make complexity and decency look weak, often leveraging polite and innocent sounding substitutes and subtleties for race along the way – think: wokeness, political correctness, virtue signalling.

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Even those who didn’t share Ronald Reagan’s “morning in America” platitudes felt unified in their opposition. And the divisions that existed in the ’90s, which is now enjoying its own cultural revival, feel like sandbox tussles compared with the dark polarization of today.

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Consider the case of Manhattan parking-garage attendant Moussa Diarra, who woke up in a hospital earlier this month to find himself handcuffed to his bed. The 57-year-old had been shot twice by a suspected car burglar. The suspect also was shot, during a tussle for his gun as the garage attendant fought for his life.

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The moves by bondholders and loan investors signal the potential for a drawn out tussle between creditors amid uncertainty over Casino's long-term financial health.

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TV footage showed what appeared to be a pipe- or smoke-bomb flying through the air in Kishida’s direction moments before he was due to start his speech. He was shielded by security personnel, while a video clip appeared to show a fisherman tussling with the suspect.

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With an estimated 150 million monthly American users, talk of a TikTok ban has prompted fear of a political backlash. The social media giant has also hired plenty of lobbyists since its tussle with the Trump administration, making it an even tougher nut for Washington to crack.

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But the episode was yet another tussle between EU countries that sheds a fresh spotlight on the bloc’s inability to negotiate who should accommodate a spike in migrant arrivals, something that critics say is only leading to further suffering and tragedy.

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The ongoing tussle between DeSantis, who has yet to announce a presidential bid, and one of Florida's largest employers began in March 2022 when Disney's then-Chief Executive Bob Chapek spoke out against a bill limiting discussion of sexuality and gender identity in Florida elementary school classrooms.

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There is something bizarre and entrancing about the familial implications of The Fortunes of Richard Mahony. H. H. R. uses her fictionalized version of Walter and Mary’s marriage to stage an extended dialectic between spiritualist devotees and critics; it is as though she becomes her parents, and they her, in a displaced tussle between the metaphysical and the domestic.

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He got just that in the third quarter when rookie Christian Braun got into a tussle with Kyle Anderson after Anderson’s flagrant foul.

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Intense fighting has gripped Sudan for a third day and hospitals are under attack from missiles as they battle to save lives, amid a bloody tussle for power that has left close to 100 people dead and injured hundreds more.

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Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who is involved in a bloody tussle for power that has gripped Sudan for three days, told CNN that the paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is leading “an attempted coup and rebellion against the state.”

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Paragraphs detailing the concentration camp brothels and the bizarre sadomasochistic relationship Hitler had with his niece Geli Raubal, although interesting topics, read oddly in conjunction; and Goebbels’s fawning over movie starlets such as Lída Baarová is its awkwardly a story about an early Nazi ‘martyr’, Horst Wessel, whose murder was supposedly related to his housing a local prostitute. (In fact, the Communists were responsible, tussling for power with the National Socialists.)

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Khartoum has been wracked by violence and chaos in a bloody tussle for power between Burhan, Sudan’s military chief, and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemedti, who is head of the RSF.

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Before the opening credits we saw Abigail (Jennifer Morrison), upset by the realisation that her car-dealer husband Paul (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) had cheated on her, arrive home from a tennis lesson to find a broken window, the front door open and a knife-wielding youth standing over her daughter Emma’s dead body. In the ensuing tussle , Abigail killed the knife-wielding youth.

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Now, Dominion has emerged from its tussle with Fox in a stronger position to win back any skittish clients or score new business, legal experts said.

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In 2012, state and federal governments launched the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in a bid to solve longstanding tussles over water. The plan was intended to preserve environmental flows while allocating set volumes of water to farmers.

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DeSantis' recent signing of an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy in Florida, his focus on book bans and his tussle with Disney have caused some major donors to pause, according to several who spoke to Reuters.

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First, the decree is explicit in not banning all GMOs, so Mexico can import corn-based animal feed. In effect, the ban has no immediate impact on the overwhelming part of imports, yellow corn for livestock. Instead of targeting Mexico in a trade tussle , the US can introduce measures to help American farmers who are hit by the changes. The 2023 Farm Bill in the US, for instance, could include assistance for these farmers, help them with competitiveness, crop substitution and technical resources.

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Ma Xiaolin, the dean of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean Rim at Zhejiang International Studies University, said although China has successfully played a bigger role than the United States in normalizing ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it does not mean that China's influence in the Middle East has surpassed that of the US. Nor does it imply that Middle East countries will side with China in the midst of a major power tussle . Countries in the Middle East have strengthened their sense of autonomy and are willing to adopt a balanced strategy among various forces to maximize their own interests.

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And then there’s Mayor Bloomberg. He dropped {$}900m of his own money, netted 58 delegates and a lone victory – American Samoa. As a coda, he tussled with campaign staff over unpaid wages.

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The tussles have financial implications for some of the largest investment firms that manage billions of dollars for state pension plans. Wall Street money mangers stand to lose big business or walk away if and when restrictions are placed on public investments, even as they balance pressure from officials in Democratic states.

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This week, we again hear from semi-regular contributor and raconteur "Bernard" from rural Middle England. You may remember his tussle with a local fire station which we described a few weeks ago.

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