Fatuous means lacking intelligence or foolish, often to the point of being silly or absurd.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



foolish, silly, idiotic, imbecilic, senseless, asinine, brainless, absurd.


Intelligent, astute, wise, sensible, sagacious, shrewd, judicious, rational.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun fatuousnesses, fatuity, fatuousness, fatuities
Verb None
Adjective fatuous
Adverb fatuously

Example Sentences

  • The fatuous remark made by the politician left the entire audience laughing with disbelief.

  • I can’t believe you spent all that money on such a fatuous purchase.

  • His teammates ridiculed him when he made a fatuous error that cost them the game.

  • The boss found her employee’s fatuous suggestions irritating and a waste of time.


The word fatuous comes from the Latin term “fatuus,” which means foolish. It is commonly used to describe actions or statements which are irrational, absurd, or nonsensical. In literature or rhetoric, a fatuous remark may be made by a character or speaker to indicate their lack of wisdom or knowledge. The use of adjective fatuous is typically associated with a humorous or mocking tone, which is often used to critique or ridicule individuals or groups that display foolish behavior.

The word fatuous can be modified by prefixes, such as “un-” or “in-”, to convey negation or absence. For example, the phrase “unfatuous comment” indicates that the remark made is not foolish, whereas the sentence “in a fatuous manner” means that the action performed is foolishly or absurdly. Another modification of the word fatuous is the noun “fatuity,” which means the state or quality of being fatuous.

In academic or scholarly writing, the usage of fatuous is often employed to describe illogical arguments, fallacious reasoning and superficial thinking. Fatuous is also used in psychology to describe people who have an overinflated sense of pride or self-importance, and who are prone to making grandiose or ridiculous claims. The word fatuous is also occasionally used to describe objects or situations that are devoid of meaning or purpose. Overall, the word fatuous is an essential adjective that helps to highlight and critique irrational or absurd behavior, ideas or statements, whether in the realm of politics, literature, science, or everyday life.