Sinecure means a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.


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Part of Speech



cushy job, easy street, soft option, plum post, gravy train, cake walk, snap, no-work job, golden opportunity, lucrative position, walkover.


demanding job, laborious work, challenging position, strenuous post, difficult occupation, arduous career, hard-fought job, uphill battle, tough undertaking, labor-intensive work.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun sinecure, sinecures
Verb None
Adjective None
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The CEO who was caught taking drugs was stripped of his sinecure job by the board of directors.

  • Being born into a wealthy family, he was able to secure a sinecure position in a top law firm without having to prove himself.

  • After working as an assistant for three years, she was promoted to the role of the manager, giving her a position that was definitely not a sinecure.

  • The teachers in the public schools work long hours for little pay, unlike those in private schools who often hold sinecure positions.


Sinecure is a noun that is used to describe a position, job, or post that involves little or no work but provides its holder with status, influence, or some financial benefits. The word comes from the Latin phrase sine cura, which means “without care”.

The word sinecure is typically used to criticize positions that require little effort but offer significant benefits. The term is often associated with politicians, executives, or other high-level bureaucrats who are accused of clinging to their sinecure roles as a way of maintaining their influence and power without doing any real work.

The prefix “sine-” in sinecure is a Latin prefix that means “without”, while “cura” means “care”. Therefore, sinecure is a compound word that means “without care”.

There are no significant variations of the word sinecure besides few instances where it has been used as an adjective, but such instances are rare. It is commonly used in the same way today as it was used hundreds of years ago. However, in modern times, it’s often intended as a criticism or more of a condemnation when used to describe a position.

In summary, sinecure is a noun that describes a position or job that involves little or no work, but offers benefits such as status, power, or financial gain. The word is most often used to criticize individuals who hold these types of positions, as it implies they are receiving unwarranted benefits without contributing to the work they are supposed to be doing.