Supercilious refers to an attitude or behavior of excessive pride, arrogance, or haughtiness, often characterized by looking down on others with contempt.


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Regarding the portraits said to depict the late Mr. Shakespeare, there are good reasons to be cynical. You could, after all, crowd the snail-shell Guggenheim with the four-hundred-year parade of counterfeit bards, each one prettier than the last, evolving Will by Will like some Darwinian ascent from the knuckle-dragging Droeshout engraving of 1623 to the superciliously upright Cobbe portrait recently embraced by the town of Stratford.

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Waddingham was appalled by the angry manner of Raab’s resignation on Friday after bullying allegations against him were upheld. “He doesn’t know how to be contrite,” she says. “I absolutely won’t be voting for him. He’s supercilious and comes over as arrogant.”

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Instead of a quiet, matter-of-fact explanation of the event, viewers were force-fed monologues of diatribe from the ABC’s own ranks. This included those who superciliously sought to speak on behalf of Aboriginal Australians. That they might be presenting their personal view was never entertained.

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