Consternation is a feeling of anxiety, confusion, and dismay that often arises in response to unexpected or troubling news or events.


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But she also feels – much to the consternation of the show’s publicist, within earshot – that Meet the Richardsons is becoming too career-focused. “The new series is too work-based,” she says. “It’s my least favourite.”

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This leaves the field clear for artists such as Kneecap to repurpose paramilitary tropes – to the consternation of some politicians, who fear the ostensible satire is grooming a new generation. The trio rejected that. “We find it funny that a piece of art can provoke more of a reaction from politicians than actual real life,” they said via email.

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Another change has caused consternation amongst a number of verified users. Now there is no way to tell which users have paid for Twitter Blue, and which ones have legacy verified accounts, as the message on the verified ticks now reads: "This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account".

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The commercial success of the band was always a point of consternation for Cobain, who shied away from the spotlight and preferred not to engage with the publicity aspects of his fame.

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But then he said, but I'm not sure how many future generations there are before Jesus comes back. And, oh, man, did that cause some consternation .

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French President Emmanuel Macron drew consternation on both sides of the Atlantic with a recent interview in which he questioned Europe's allegiance to the United States.

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As for her posture toward Democratic leadership, they’re still figuring each other out. She noted that her sometimes-prickly relationship with Pelosi caused consternation at times.

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A clip that appears to show the execution of a Ukrainian serviceman circulating online has caused consternation in recent days, with Zelenskyy describing the Russian troops who allegedly did the killing as "beasts."

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CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez notes the Biden administration has turned to Trump-era policies as it prepares for an expected surge of migrants. The Covid-instigated policy known as Title 42 that has enabled US officials to turn away many migrants at the US southern border is set to end in May with the expiration of the pandemic public health emergency. There is consternation among some federal immigration officials and Biden allies frustrated by policies considered by the Biden administration.

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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, whose stance on Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has fuelled consternation in the United States and elsewhere, has met visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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On a visit to Washington last week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki summoned the dichotomy, tapping into months of friction with French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been the target of much Western consternation both for his failed attempts at outreach with Putin before last year’s Russian invasion of Ukraine and his more recent foray to China in the company of dozens of French business leaders.

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The suspensions have caused consternation in Ukraine, which issued a statement saying it regretted Poland's decision to suspend grain imports and that Ukraine "has always been sympathetic to the situation in the Polish agricultural sector and responded promptly to various challenges." There has been some positive developments to the dispute after Polish and Ukrainian ministers met for two days of talks to discuss a way to resolve tensions, with the officials agreeing Tuesday that no Ukrainian agricultural products will stay in Poland and that they will only be allowed to transit through the country under escort.

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Lula’s comments are the latest in a series of remarks made by Brazil’s president on the war since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022, before he officially became a presidential candidate. He has repeatedly caused consternation amongst Ukraine’s Western allies, which have united in support of Kyiv against Moscow’s aggression.

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During the same interview with POLITICO, Macron caused consternation in Western capitals when he said Europe should not follow America, but instead avoid confronting China over its stated goal of seizing the democratic island of Taiwan by force.

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And he sees AI tools – which are currently causing a lot of consternation in the creative industries, including games, because of their potential to devalue human work – as something that will open up game development to many more people, and dramatically reduce its cost.

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The centrist political group No Labels is getting on the ballot in individual states, causing consternation among members of the major political parties about the organization's endgame.

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While Putin and those close to him have dismissed the impact of sanctions, which have failed to stop the Russian war effort, by Washington’s own classified assessment, leaked documents also provide a window into the consternation they have caused among some of their intended targets.

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Lemon also had a contentious exchange on the issues of race and gun control with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in recent days, during which he could be seen telling off his producers for interrupting him; the entire exchange reportedly caused consternations with CNN’s leadership.

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Still, the controversial policy, included in House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s package to increase the debt ceiling, is causing some consternation within the Republican conference, with hardliners wanting to include even stricter requirements and with moderate members in swing districts concerned they could face blow back over the issue.

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It took three rounds of voting on Thursday for Wegner to cinch the nomination as mayor, with consternation by some lawmakers over the possibility it may have been the far-right AfD that helped get him seal the deal, as the AfD claimed.

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The Taliban seized power in August 2021 as U.S. and NATO forces were pulling out of Afghanistan after two decades of war and initially promised a more moderate rule than during their first stint in power from 1996 to 2001. But there has been growing international consternation as Taliban leaders have gradually re-imposed their harsh interpretation of Islamic law, or Sharia, on women and girls.

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“Beijing is trying to bolster ties with Europe at this time, as seen in the slew of European leaders it recently hosted,” Chong said. “Lu’s comments and the consternation it caused among the public in Europe could complicate those efforts, so a reading of events is that the timing of the call was to soothe European worries.”

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It looks likely that starting in the fourth quarter of 2022, the S & P may record three consecutive quarters of earnings decline. That is an earnings recession, but the declines — all in the low single digits — are not causing a lot of consternation . S & P 500 earnings (YOY) Q4 2022: {$}53.

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How rich is the king? There is no public number — a point of consternation in itself. The Sunday Times Rich List this month estimated Charles’s personal net worth to be 600 million pounds (about {$}750 million). The Guardian, which tasked a team of nine reporters with investigating, came up with an even higher figure for his fortune: 1.16 billion pounds ({$}1.44 billion).

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There was a fourth factor that made that 2011 effort to use the debt limit as leverage possible: People didn’t really know what the debt limit was. Again, until that point, there was no real reason for anyone to know about it. There was a lot of regular consternation about debt, but that was a function of the debt itself, not the putative limit on how much the debt could increase.

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And consternation remains among national Republicans that losing 2022 gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano could jump into the race. An election denier who lost by 15 points last fall, Mastriano could jeopardize the race for Republicans. His candidacy would likely inspire a concerted effort by national Republicans to defeat him in the primary.

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