Half-baked (adjective) refers to something that is poorly planned or thought out, and therefore not fully developed or successful. It can also refer to a half-finished or partially completed task or project.


US English

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Part of Speech



unfinished, uncompleted, incomplete, insufficient, flawed, faulty, undeveloped, poorly planned, ill-conceived, half-finished, unripe, unformed.


finished, complete, polished, refined, sophisticated, accomplished, mature, fully developed, sound, logical, thorough, well-planned.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun None
Verb None
Adjective half-baked
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The CEO’s half-baked plan was not well received by the company’s board members, who criticized its lack of detail and thoroughness.

  • The student gave a rather half-baked presentation that lacked any clear structure or relevant sources.

  • The government’s half-baked policy on climate change has led to mounting criticism from environmentalists and scientists.

  • The recipe was a disaster because the chef had taken a half-baked approach, not following the instructions carefully and making numerous errors.


The word half-baked is commonly used in informal speech and writing to describe ideas, plans, or projects that are poorly thought out or executed. It can also refer to a lack of thoroughness or attention to detail. The word often has a negative connotation and implies that the subject is incomplete, unsatisfactory, or unreliable.

The word half-baked is a compound adjective made up of the prefix ‘half-’ and the adjective ‘baked’. The prefix ‘half-’ indicates that something is incomplete or only partially done, while ‘baked’ refers to cooking or heating a substance until it is fully done. The word half-baked can also be used as a noun to refer to a person or thing that is unimpressive or lacks substance.

Variations of the word half-baked include ‘half-cooked’, ‘half-finished’, and ‘half-assed’, which are more informal and may have a stronger negative connotation. ‘Half-cocked’ is another variant, which means ill-considered or rash. The word can also be used in a literal sense to refer to food that is not cooked all the way through, although this usage is less common.

Overall, the word half-baked is a useful way to describe incomplete or poorly executed ideas, plans, or projects. It is a descriptive and informal term that is often used in everyday conversation, and its negative connotations make it an effective way to express criticism or dissatisfaction.