Alluring means highly attractive or tempting, and capable of arousing desire or interest.


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There is clearly truth to this, even after the recent bout of mass layoffs and economic gloom. But do bosses really need to take every new bit of workplace jargon seriously? Can’t most of these terms be safely dismissed as alliteratively alluring blather from social media savvy twenty-somethings on TikTok?

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It may not have the same allure as a mainstream Orchard Road or downtown mall. Online reviews note that Mustafa’s narrow walkways can get claustrophobic and it is rarely empty of customers.

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Nivea's owner, Beiersdorf AG, also distanced itself from the terms "whitening" and "fair," telling Allure magazine that it was carrying out an "in-depth review" into its "product offering and marketing approach." Last year the German company told CNN it had conducted the review and, taking extensive consumer research into account, would cease communications that "do not embrace the complexions of our diverse consumer base."

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"I find Soviet designs tasteful and interesting, the Cyrillic writing exotic and alluring , the history endlessly fascinating, the prices affordable and the number of variations mind-boggling," he said on this website.

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Of course, being teenagers, they’re not off social media entirely and use it as a tool to promote their club – but it’s far from the previous hours of scrolling. And while they occasionally wonder what’s happening on TikTok outside Hong Kong, the allure of it is lost when nobody else around them uses it either.

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"The bar is high and getting higher," said Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director of Allure , of what consumers have come to expect. "(With) the earliest celebrity beauty brand outings, I think it was a little more about their mystique," she said, pointing to fragrances from stars like Elizabeth Taylor in the 1980s, which paved the way for the celebrity perfume bender of the 2000s.

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Music star Gwen Stefani has been called out for comments made about her affinity to Japan during an interview with Allure magazine, while promoting her beauty brand GXVE.

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Today the allure of fusion energy lies not so much in its price as its almost negligible carbon emissions, and therefore its potential to save us from the ravages of global heating. But will it arrive in time to stop the planet frying?

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The pictures have become a book, which immerses you in all the noir-ish, neon allure of the places Bohbot discovered. If we are tempted to think of California bleached with light, his images dwell in those darkened rooms the natives go to escape it. There is in them much of Joan Didion’s city, that place which “exhilarates some people and floods others with amorphous unease”.

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“Someone call Lucia the seamstress to fix this,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, referring to a tailor who helped fix one of the “Love Is Blind” groom’s pants just before he was about to get married on the current season of the show. (Part of the reunion’s allure involved finding out whether the marriages of the show’s contestants, who had agreed to get married without ever having seen each other, had actually stuck.)

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Some signs of that allure are already visible.

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Widely considered one of France’s most alluring villages, it’s little wonder that Beynac was used as a filming location for parts of 'Chocolat' (2000).

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All stories are about transformation, even the ones that aren’t. The passage of time inevitably brings about transformations big and small, obvious and invisible. As a writer, I seek out change in my stories; as a professor, I urge students to pay attention to it. Though I was ambivalent for years about having children, the allure of transformation is what eventually led me to become a mother. Beneath my ambivalence was a quiet hum of curiosity; few things in life, after all, both promise and threaten to be utterly transformative.

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I absolutely love how elegantly Als steps into everything he writes. He could write about the contents of his cupboard and I’d be hooked, but here he’s trying to give words to the otherworldly allure of the musical genius Prince and Oh my God. A brief book, a religious tract, really. If there was church on the other side of it I’d go every Sunday.

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It is part psychological frog boiling, part BDSM thriller. Based on Josephine Hart’s 1991 novel Damage, it tells the story of a well-to-do doctor turned politician, William, who allows himself to become embroiled in a steamy affair with his son’s fiancee, the mysterious and alluring Anna. Quickly, he becomes completely obsessed with her.

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Lastly, the media must continue investing in training and capacity building for journalists. The allure of speed in an attempt to compete with social media may be tempting, but it risks undermining ethical reporting, fact-checking and quality journalism.

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What more alluring fantasy is there for a theatre kid (or former one) than imagining oneself among the ranks of the almost mythical King's Men? That Self-Same Metal takes what one expects from the setting (endearing theatre people, Elizabethan London hijinks, gender-bending) and layers in a unique perspective by centering a queer Black heroine whose beliefs meld seamlessly with both the fairy lore and the historical realities that Shakespeare immortalized in his plays.

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When you stigmatize something, you give it a kind of allure . And when we remove the stigma ... Suddenly it's like, Oh, that's just something I'm thinking. It's not something I have to do. It's not something I have to act on and I don't have to feel bad about it.

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This year, financial frauds committed online topped the list, and cases of ‘revenge porn’ came second. A total of 955 cases of financial fraud were lodged with the bureau, or 20 percent of the total online crimes. The financial crimes include phishing (attempting to acquire sensitive data such as bank account numbers in a guise), lottery scam including alluring fraudulent offers of work from home and online shopping.

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How did this peculiar symbol make its way into England’s churches? The author Paul Kingsnorth has an alluring theory. The Norman invasion did not end with 1066; Anglo-Saxon guerrillas spent years fighting against the invading force, kidnapping noblemen and attacking William’s soldiers. These fighters were known by the Normans as the silvatici, meaning ‘wild’ or ‘from the forest’. In English, they were called ‘the green men’.

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She is the quaint, if self-assuredly salty, throwback to an age in which people dreamed of waking from defeat and moving toward conquest rather than retreat. She is an individual. She is a singularity. She is a woman in full. She is tranquil. Nothing you can give her will make her surrender her freedom. And in the modern age, is there anything more alluring ?

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But the distance between admitting that the Greeks were inspired by what they saw in neighbouring lands and the argument that Greek civilisation was borrowed lock, stock and barrel from Egypt is enormous, and Bernal’s book was rubbished when it appeared in 1987, even though it still has its enthusiastic admirers who are content to ignore Bernal’s haphazard use of evidence and his constant errors of fact. Most, though, have probably not gone further than the book’s alluring title.

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I fell in love with the Beats Fit Pro when I reviewed them back in November, and while I’ve tested nearly every major competitor that’s come out since, I always find myself coming back to their alluring purple looks and snug, lightweight embrace. The one big trade-off you’ll make compared to the AirPods Pro is that the case doesn’t offer wireless charging, but I’ll take that small drawback in exchange for superior comfort, controls and style.

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Online shopping weakened the allure of Bed Bath & Beyond’s fan-favorite coupons, too, because consumers could find plenty of cheaper alternatives on Amazon or browse a wider selection on sites like Wayfair (W).

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Nicholson was deep into his grinning-devil mode for this movie, based on the John Updike novel – a mode to which he brought charisma and force, but not much depth. He is the satanically alluring bachelor Darryl Van Horne, who moves into a small New England community and forms a connection with three women who don’t realise they are witches, played by Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon.

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It’s easy to see the commercial allure of Apple’s pre-summer mockbuster Ghosted, the package: a snappy buzzword title, an idea from the Deadpool team later fleshed out by some Marvel writers, a big, sexy star pairing proved on screen twice before, an action-comedy-romance hybrid designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. One can only imagine the enthused high-fives that took place in some cold, pristine LA boardroom when it was given the green light.

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Over coffee, Millepied discussed the critical reaction to the film, the allure of “Carmen” and working with actors. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

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"The allure for voting for Biden in 2020 was sort of the quaint notion of getting back to normal," said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell, referring to the chaos of Trump's time in office.

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While there are no official figures, Dunn is among a growing pool of expats leaving Singapore because of soaring rents, prompting concerns about whether the Southeast Asian city-state is at risk of losing its allure as a regional business hub.

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As you can probably tell, this devilish black comedy hones in on modern society’s rampant self-obsessions. While films like these can tumble into repetitive hectoring on the ills of the modern online world, Sick of Myself earns its facetted brand of cynicism by never not being astute. Just stop to consider – for that briefest of moments, because it’s a depressing landscape out there – the countless amount of people fixated with going viral. Borgli compellingly explores this false allure of fame, all with a degree of recognisability that creeps on discomfort.

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Although it was soon apparent that the lumber of these enormous organisms was inferior to other softwoods (the wood often would shatter when the heavy tree hit the ground), a number of old-growth trees were felled just to prove their existence, and samples were sold to museums around the world. Additionally, many loggers could not resist the allure and prestige of felling such massive trees, and the groves began to diminish.


Although it was soon apparent that the lumber of these enormous organisms was inferior to other softwoods (the wood often would shatter when the heavy tree hit the ground), a number of old-growth trees were felled just to prove their existence, and samples were sold to museums around the world. Additionally, many loggers could not resist the allure and prestige of felling such massive trees, and the groves began to diminish.


These alluring spots appear to include the ledges that run around many structures, both private and governmental, and offer the peregrines the sort of nesting site they are said to seek out in natural environments.

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Don’t come looking for French onion soup. “A lot of places do that already,” says the chef, best known for the Dabney, his alluring tribute to the Mid-Atlantic in Blagden Alley.

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Japan, Bangladesh’s long-standing development partner, is eager to strengthen the bilateral connections due to the latter’s 170-million-strong consumer base, an expanding middle class, improved purchasing power, local demands, easily accessible labour, and economic development. Due to worries about overdependence and supply chain disruptions in the wake of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, Bangladesh can be an alluring alternative location for Japanese businesses that are looking to pivot away from China. The East Asian country is making significant investments in Bangladesh.

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