Tinge refers to a slight or small amount of color, flavor, or feeling that is added to something, often to modify or enhance its overall character or quality.


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Her characters move across borders and between identities, carrying with them the joys and pains of past lives, and always doing their level best to make a new go of it, whatever that may mean. Her stories also move between registers – at times sweeping and tinged with history, other times intensely personal. Always, her characters are real people, dealing with real struggles, rendered beautifully, with insight and understanding.

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The 1960s were tumultuous: Vietnam. Civil rights protests. Assassinations. Bacharach's songs must have been a kind of salve from the day's news. But there's also a tinge of melancholy in his music. Even though Bacharach became something of a playboy as an adult, and married four times, he also knew loneliness. He told NPR in 2013 that he didn't have a lot of friends when he was a teenager.

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The accident was lucky, in a way. To ease his pain, Keats seems to have taken a tincture of laudanum. At very least, he writes like he did:

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The Fed’s latest economic projections, released on Wednesday, were largely in line with those from its last forecast, in December. In fact, the unemployment picture even grew a tinge less gloomy, with an estimated 2023 jobless rate of 4.5% instead of 4.6%.

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Henry was 25 and at Fairfield when British slavery was abolished in 1833. It would be four more years until full emancipation was achieved. The relief and hope of freedom was tinged with great uncertainty. Property in Barbados remained in the hands of the plantation owners. Financial compensation was not paid to those freed, rather to the enslavers, such as the Coulthurst sisters, who became wealthy on the back of Henry and his community’s freedom.

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He will, though, offer the vice president a bit of advice, and it comes tinged with envy from somebody who in our conversation has casually referenced Leo Tolstoy, Samuel Huntington, George Ball and his own piece in the New York Review of Books.

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump used racially tinged language when attacking the judge set to overhear the fraud trial of Trump University. Trump claimed that District Judge Gonzalo Curiel would be biased against him because he was of Mexican descent and Trump was planning to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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He has always alluded to political figures and the political elite, sometimes directly but most often through puns on their names and through metaphors. These are often employed with a tinge of sarcasm or ambiguity, coming off as subtle political critique.

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Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak will visit Belfast this week to mark the anniversary of a deal that largely ended the Troubles. Bill and Hillary Clinton and other dignitaries will follow, all bearing similar messages: Northern Ireland ended a cycle of carnage in 1998 and now brims with economic potential. Rebukes to the Democratic Unionist party for paralysing power-sharing at Stormont may tinge proceedings but won’t spoil the mood of celebration that Northern Ireland has turned the page on the Troubles.

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Sure, that’s a pretty eclectic complaint, but those movies have a lot of issues that make them poor adaptations. Characters are reduced to the most one-dimensional versions of themselves. Everything is tinged with an off-putting air of grandeur and solemnity. They’re love letters to a kind of twee British fairy tale that we made up to package and sell off to the Americans.

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"[Smith's] vision is often tinged with a great deal of humour and a form of distance and lightness," Debray added.

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The leaderboard was littered with major champions and a tinge of Saudi-funded LIV Golf. Mickelson and Koepka both are part of the rival circuit. Former Masters champion Patrick Reed, another player who defected to LIV, closed with a 68 and tied for fourth with Jordan Spieth (66) and Russell Henley.

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Asteroid City reassembles Wes Anderson’s regular repertory company, with the addition of Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson, for a sci-fi tinged story set at a junior cadet convention in the mid-1950s United States.

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Today (Friday): Sunny to start — clouds are slowly on the increase. Dew points may climb well into the 50s by day’s end, adding just a tinge of humidity as high temperatures aim for the low to mid-80s. A few southerly wind gusts could build near 20 mph by late afternoon, helping pump in the continued warm air and increased moisture. A late day shower is possible, best odds south. Confidence: Medium-High

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“It had a big bar like ‘Cheers,’” Bachara said, his voice tinged with nostalgia. “We had bingo nights and comedy nights. We were like a family.”

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And this brings us to today. For, grateful though many of us may be that Rishi Sunak has started to put a stop to the ‘smart’ motorway madness, the campaigning will go on, tinged with disappointment on the part of those who thought Sunak would remove all smart motorways entirely.

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Now, Drops of God is a high-gloss drama — expensive, lushly-shot and skillfully acted, even if Camille and Issei are characters tinged with cultural cliché. It's almost the opposite of the original manga, written by the brother-sister team of Shin and Yuko Kibayashi, which is delightfully goofy and freewheeling. Although serious about wine, they use humor to counteract their fetishism of famous wineries and vintages.

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For something tinged with on-point Nordic mastery, head for the tranquil, elegant Villa Frantzén, in the upscale Sathorn area (a bit off the public transport network, so get an airy, traffic-dodging tuk-tuk). Equally good is the brand spanking new Vilas, in a cuboid ground-scraper next to the luxe W Hotel: think tapas married with Thai genius.

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It was written by the English physician Hubert Airy, and “communicated” to the Society by the author’s father, Sir George Airy, who held the post of Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881. The article is titled “On a Distinct Form of Transient Hemiopsia,” and in it Airy fils, who has been both observer and patient, notes “the outward spread of the cloud, its arched shape, its serrated outline, with smaller teeth at one end than at the other, its remarkable tremor, greater where the teeth are greater, its ‘boiling,’ its tinge of scarlet, and its sequel of partial aphasia and loss of memory.”.

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Evil Kevin is also a halfwit who can’t distinguish Taiwan from Thailand. And most of his rhetoric is tinctured with Benny Hill-era bigotry. It seems odd to fight a strain of sexism that was all but extinct several decades ago, and the show feels like a perverse attempt to resurrect prejudice so that the characters can defeat it afresh.

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DACULA, Ga. — For as long as he can remember, Jimi Olaghere felt he was destined to be a father. “It’s so true in my soul,” he told his wife, Amanda, when they struggled to get pregnant. But when they were finally expecting a baby boy in 2019, joy was tinged with despair.

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