Detrimental refers to something that causes harm, damage, or injury to someone or something.


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If you’re still not convinced that beer is detrimental to breastfeeding, consider this fact: A nursing mother drinking any type of alcohol puts her baby in potential danger. “The fetal brain is still developing after birth – and since alcohol passes into breast milk, the baby is still at risk,” Tracy said.

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But still, knowing that the impact of skiing is that bit less detrimental thanks to the resort’s forward-thinking energy procurement certainly helps ease my mind. It means I can focus all my attention on my long, sweeping turns; on the way the sun warms my face as I fly down butter-smooth pistes; on the richness of the tomato ragout lining the bottom of my bowl – all without being assaulted by climate anxiety at every turn.

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In some less developed settings, deficiencies stem from undernutrition, and in these settings, relatively small amounts of nutritionally dense blue foods can alleviate the detrimental effects of low B12 linked to cognitive function.

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At the same time, the European Union has played a more proactive role as a mediator in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is much to the detriment of Moscow, which used to be the key power broker in this conflict.

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Tom Bill, head of UK residential research at Knight Frank, said: “January’s drop in annual house price growth tells us a lot about the detrimental impact of the mini-budget but very little about how the UK property market will perform this year.

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The aspect of TikTok I find most concerning is the algorithm that decides what videos users see and how it can affect vulnerable groups, particularly young people. Independent of a ban, families should have conversions about TikTok and other social media platforms and how they can be detrimental to mental health. These conversations should focus on how to determine if the app is leading you down an unhealthy path.

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In 2022, international human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called on the Indian government to stop applying the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act to civil society. They argued that the law was being used to persecute the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns, a prominent local NGO that monitors human rights abuses. Indian authorities accused the group of “portraying India’s human rights record in negative light … to the detriment of India’s image,” and searched its office and seized documents.

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Steve recalled that around 80 percent of his peers used Adderall to improve academic performance. The main reason for this drug abuse on the U.S. campuses is that some people with prescriptions sell Adderall to students underground instead of using it for themselves, leading to easy access to Adderall, which should be controlled strictly. Steve said that college is so expensive for most people that some of them use drugs to be able to make the best of this experience, even at the detriment of their physical and mental well-being.

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"This line of research, Oceans and Human Health, explores all these benefits, but at the same time examines how the risks and threats that we humans expose to the sea, end up being detrimental to human health through increased pollution, more pathogens or more industrialisation,” he explained.

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It was a huge mistake for Washington to frequently weaponize the dollar to put economic pressure on countries that do not uphold America's interests. The U.S. put the targeted nations who disobeyed its foreign policy goals under immense economic pressure by exploiting the dollar's influence as the world's reserve currency. This miscalculated strategy has had a considerable detrimental effect on both the U.S. economy and the economies of targeted nations.

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But just as amapiano continues to rage through the South African music spectrum with ingenuity, confidence and creativity, its victims are left perplexed in the dust. Prominent house music DJ Prince Kaybee and Durban’s prodigiously talented Afropop crooner TNS have spoken out about how amapiano is monopolising the music industry to the detriment of other genres. Even hip-hop mainstays like the late AKA knew that the biggest threat to their genre is amapiano.

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Japan following the U.S. to contain China is actually detrimental to the country's own interests. Sino-Japanese economic cooperation may be affected by the political relations. China is Japan's largest trading partner and has surpassed the United States as Japan's largest export market. Hence, Japan's export restrictions on China will hinder their technological exchanges and economic cooperation, and will have an impact on the stability of the global industrial supply chain and the recovery of the world economy.

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Not addressing these issues may have detrimental results for Canadians, such as receiving services from non-psychologists who may not have the needed expertise to address present mental health challenges, participating in a two-tier system where only those who can pay for mental health care can receive it; and exacerbating these issues for rural Canadians.

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Vallas’s challenge is to demonstrate that he really does have answers to the city’s long-standing failings and that he can be trusted to halt the aggressive tactics that have defined and undermined the police force. He must also check the downtown business interests that historically set the agenda in City Hall, to the detriment of long-suffering Black neighborhoods. “He’s promising the sun and the moon,” Laura Washington, a veteran Chicago journalist, told me the other day.

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After his team’s victory, Lyon head coach Laurent Blanc said the Champions League or bust mentality has been detrimental to PSG’s performances.

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Ruto has previously said he would not be blackmailed into a power-sharing arrangement with the opposition. If not checked, power-sharing arrangements – or “handshake” in Kenya’s political parlance – could become the country’s default arrangement after elections. This would be to the detriment of democratic tenets.

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Instead of viewing the minimum wage as detrimental , dissident perspectives view the minimum wage as a tool to alleviate the plight of the working poor.

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Uniforms may have a detrimental effect on students’ self-image.

“Any marketing that does not specifically name a health plan, that misrepresents what a plan might offer within these commercials, is something that would now be prohibited,” he said. “That’s going to be important because the confusion that often arises, and the changes that some enrollees often will make to their detriment in getting health care, are things that we want to try to avoid.”

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He added that "if price deflation were to occur, this very much has the potential to widen wealth gaps in the US and exacerbate inequality." Another significant risk, Gourevitch said, was likely to be the potentially detrimental effects on local government tax revenues because the total for municipalities typically relies heavily on property taxes. "And having that tied to a physical asset that is exposed to climate change I think introduces a lot of risks to the stability of that revenue stream," Gourevitch said.

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“Generations of Black people have been unjustly subjected to biased traffic enforcement and police interaction. While driving laws have been enacted at every level of government to safeguard the public, officers selectively enforce these laws to the detriment of Black drivers,” the letter reads.

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"Google's policy change of a charging service fee even on transactions processed by third-party payment processors ... has detrimental consequences for users and app developers," the 15-page confidential March complaint by ADIF said.

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All in all, it is obvious that Afwerki believes in Tigray his troops helped the Ethiopian government defeat not only a rebellious regional administration but a plot to alter the world order to the detriment of Eritrean and African sovereignty.

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“That’d be detrimental ,” Rich said. “If they did that, I’d definitely be out of business.

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Non-compete clauses were first developed as a way for employers to safeguard against nefarious employees who might, if given the opportunity, attempt to misappropriate confidential know-how or trade connections when they decamp to a competitor, which can be severely detrimental to the employer.

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The new study joins a growing body of research that suggests we tend to undervalue the power of “prosocial” behaviors, or acting in ways that are kind and helpful toward others, often to the detriment of our physical and emotional health.

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Dr Subramanian Swamy, a member of Modi’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and a former federal minister, was quick to react to the Sino-Russian diplomatic pow-wow, saying it has Beijing’s dominance over Moscow written all over it. He described it as Russia “prostrating” before China and hinted that the cordiality could be detrimental for India.

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It's really - I mean, I can't even describe sometimes in words just how special it is. And sometimes that specialness can be a detriment because, ultimately, it's for the audience. And so there's a good amount of time where I have to, for my own - you know, for my own sake, performance-wise, leave some of that emotion and full-circleness (ph) of it at the door to do the job.

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The EU doesn’t need Ukraine because supporting the country amid the conflict with Russia “on the order of their American mentor, plunged the Europeans into a real financial and political hell,” he insisted. Detrimental anti-Russia sanctions, spiking inflation, high energy prices and the “decay” of businesses have already led to protests in various parts of the continent, the official pointed out.

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Australian consumer finance firm Latitude Group Holdings Ltd (LFS.AX) will not pay a ransom to those behind a cyber attack last month, saying it will be detrimental to customers and cause harm to the broader community by encouraging further attacks.

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"These debts are entrapping countries in a detrimental cycle, forcing them to cut public spending and invest in activities that harm the climate just to repay their debts," said Mr Archer.

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“For some reason, because of this specious separation of church and state idea that’s not in the Constitution, we think somehow that we’ve got to have some sort of quasi-monopolistic setup in the educational market. And we do that to the detriment of our kids.”

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“However, it can also make it easier for tensions at home to cross into the working environment, which can be detrimental to colleagues, culture and clients.”

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A Homeland Security official told CNN that some border stations will have phone booths so migrants can reach counsel. But immigrant advocates warn that it could still be a detriment to asylum seekers who will be forced to go through a truncated process following a treacherous journey to the US.

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Israel’s allies have also turned against him, with US President Joe Biden publicly scolding him and his new regional friends refusing to see him. Even the Saudi leadership which initially showed some promise eventually decided to normalise relations with Iran instead of Israel, to the detriment of Netanyahu’s regional agenda; one that aims to improve Israel’s Arab relations at the expense of Palestinian rights.

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