Agnostic refers to someone who believes that the existence of God or a higher power is unknown or unknowable, and who does not claim to have knowledge of such matters. It can also refer to something that is uncertain or ambiguous.


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Investors should expect more volatility as the second quarter gets underway — and they may want to start preparing for a recession, experts say. The central bank, which has indicated that hikes are nearing an end , meets again in May. "That push-pull enhances volatility," he said. There will also be continued vulnerability around the banks, he said. "That leads me to having an agnostic view on the markets." Quarterly Investment Guide Markets and the economy survived a tough first quarter, but it's not going to get any easier.

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But while attending Princeton Theological Seminary, he stopped believing in the literal truth of the Bible. Eventually, he became an agnostic . But he's continued his work as a Bible scholar.

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Reflecting on what is at stake for her, Marshall turns the lens from Michelangelo to herself, but also to the angry northern invaders who defaced the chapel in the early 16th century: “I was quite likely the very embodiment of their fears: an unaccompanied woman, an agnostic looking at art for its beauty and secular meaning.” That is her confession, and it is a worthy one.

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“We were trying to be agnostic as to what type of events we were trying to bring back to Colorado, because any large event that brings in dozens or hundreds of visitors is good for the economy,” said Democratic state Sen. Dylan Roberts of Avon, who sponsored the legislation during his time in the House.

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Cruz’s prospects for re-election will depend in part on who his party’s presidential nominee is. The Republican victory margin in Texas has shrunk from 16 points in the 2012 presidential election to 9 points in 2016 to less than 6 points in 2020. Yet Cruz, the runner-up to Trump in the 2016 race, is resolute about staying agnostic in the 2024 primary.

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In addition, both utilitarianism and effective altruism are agnostic about how to achieve their goals: what matters is achieving the greatest value, not necessarily how we get there.

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Davis said Merck would continue to be opportunistic on acquisitions, but is agnostic about size.

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I was at that time agnostic on chihuahuas. My husband is allergic to cats and wasn’t sure if he was allergic to dogs, and I read that if a person did have such allergies, a smaller dog would be less irritating – it would shed less dander. Besides, a small dog seemed to me generally less daunting and more manageable, maybe like a glorified hamster?

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He's not the only sanguine one. "There's enough of a balance between well run companies that tend to do well agnostic of economic activity, manage their expenses coming into this quarter that likely, we're gonna have more good news, than bad news. But the bad news likely ushers with it more punishment than usual because of how well these stocks have performed over the course of the last six weeks," said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at B. Riley Wealth Management. What worries Zaccarelli is the outlook for the rest of the year.

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Outside estimates of Soviet military spending ranged between 10 and 20 percent of GDP, and, even within the Soviet Union itself, it was difficult to produce an exact accounting because the military budget involved a variety of government ministries, each with its own competing interests. What can be said definitively, however, is that military spending was consistently agnostic of overall economic trends: even when the Soviet economy lagged, the military remained well-funded. In addition, the military took priority when it came to research and development talent.

About 31 percent of Latino Democrats are not religiously affiliated, which includes those that identify as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” while 27 percent of Latino Republicans are unaffiliated.

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But two senior officials said they doubted the UAE would go too far in jeopardizing its security relationship with the United States, even if it prefers China’s agnostic stance on human rights and democracy.

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