Disparate refers to things that are essentially different, or entirely unlike one another, especially in terms of their characteristics, qualities, or nature.


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The Rev. Lionel Murphy, pastor of Tchoupitoulas Chapel in St. John, said the storm left devastating damage to his church along with homes and other buildings in the parish, exacerbating the emotional and physical toll that air pollution and health disparities have placed on communities.

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A few years ago, Spotify published an online interactive map of musical tastes, sorted by city. At the time, Jeanne Added prevailed in Paris and Nantes, and London was partial to local hip hop duo Krept and Kronan. It is well established that music tastes vary over time, by region and even by social group. However, most brains look alike at birth, so what happens in them that causes us to end up with such disparate music tastes?

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This story is part of a multipart series examining the disparate impacts on Black farmers.

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In short, this is an excellent and useful book. For those of us who research (and teach about) extremism, it will serve as an important reference point. Nor is it confined to New Zealand; it serves as a study of how quite disparate , even opposed, groups can begin to orbit one another during a time of crisis.

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Jordan shares similar illustrations with us to highlight the disparate ways he and Drew, whose skin is darker and hair is kinkier than his, are treated in public.

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1 spot with a median salary of {$}75,000. Later on in their careers, the pay disparity nearly doubles, as graduates with the lowest-paying majors earn median salaries less than {$}60,000 while graduates with the highest-paying majors make over six figures. Here's a look at the rankings for mid-career graduates:.

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Software is no longer built by a single developer on a single machine; instead, developers using disparate tools can contribute to the build within the pipeline without causing conflict. Organizations don't have to wait for software updates to be gathered together into a single large batch to be released at a set time and updates and improvements can be pushed out as soon as they are ready.

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Stark disparities such as that can be traced to systemic issues, including the lack of diversity in medical providers; socioeconomic barriers for Black women such as cost, transportation, lack of childcare and poor communication with providers; and even shortcomings in medical education and providers' own implicit biases — which can "impact clinicians' ability to listen to Black people's experiences and treat them as equal partners in decision-making about their own care and treatment options," according to a recent survey.

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Even when focusing on race, racism and health disparities , topics that JNMA has explored in great detail, JAMA opinion columns did not reference JNMA colleagues or research. Only two JNMA articles were credited and referenced in the 1,425 JAMA opinion pieces that we reviewed.

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The study notes that while more than two-thirds of countries reached gender parity in primary education enrollment in 2020, significant disparities persist in parts of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

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We trace the development of the alt-right as a series of disparate coalitions of far-right and (white) ethnonationalist groups, activists and ideologies – secular and religious – and their use of online platforms to proselytise, recruit and radicalise. We are particularly interested in the rise of identitarian movements and ideologies, and their transnational influence and reach.

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There are several factors that contribute to the persistent gender disparities in the political process. Research on women in politics has identified multiple obstacles that hinder women’s representation, with three factors emerging as the most prominent explanations.

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It used to be that sargassum rafts were disparate , sporadic bodies, causing little disruption to beach-going.

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While schools can help lessen these disparities in school readiness between more and less advantaged children, the report failed to look beyond schools for solutions to problems that stem from social inequality.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has widened racial disparities among gun violence crimes, according to a study published on JAMA Network Open earlier in March. After examining firearm assault data from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, the study showed that Black children in these four U.S. cities were 100 times more likely to be shot than white children during the pandemic, up from 27 times before 2020.

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In response to NPR's request for comment for this story, NIH pointed to a subsequent panel on midlife mortality, several initiatives the agency has undertaken on disparities between subgroups within the U.S., and a recent paper funded by NIH that looked again at international life expectancy.

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Gender disparities in healthy aging are often due to a lifetime of gender inequality and discrimination. Higher income is related to better health, yet many women reach old age poorer due to time away from paid work to bring up children and lack of equal opportunities in the labor market, resulting in lower savings and contributory pension benefits when they retire.

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The disparity in broadband coverage is closely tied to demographic, economic, and geographic differences.

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Public health researcher Arline Geronimus from the University of Michigan says the traditional belief that the disparities are due to genetics, diet and exercise don't explain data that's accumulated over the years. Instead, she makes the case that marginalized people suffer nearly constant stress from living with poverty and discrimination, which damages their bodies at the cellular level and leads to increasingly serious health problems over time.

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Of course, this figure masks large geographic disparities . The number of children per woman is below two in places like Germany and Japan, but much higher in most low-income countries, especially fragile states. Still, the United Nations estimates that the global population could peak at 10-11 billion people this century, before starting to decline slowly. That is a huge number of mouths to feed, but it is nowhere near 16 billion.

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Monetary-policy tightening in the United States – where the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 475 basis points in the space of a year – has produced knock-on effects around the world. But the stark disparities in how these effects are being treated speak volumes about current global financial arrangements.

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If the disparity between the Guardian’s positions on British colonial slavery on the one hand and American slavery on the other appears confusing at first, it is easily explained … Most of the cotton consumed by Manchester’s mills came from the United States.

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Those who fear history like to present these disparate parties as a menacing blob of wokery – but their projects and aspirations are, in fact, far more uncertain and experimental than the pantomime roles they are given in public discourse. Whether it’s the payment of reparations, investments in journalistic accounts of the impact of enslavement, or apologies, these are deliberative efforts where there is often disagreement.

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But the movie even manages to shake off that mild complaint, given its nature. After all, the game of Dungeons & Dragons is what happens when wildly disparate people come together — both in the fantastical realm of Faerun and around a rickety folding table in your friend Dana's sunken living room.

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If it was clear that the two men operate at contrasting levels, the disparity in class was not sufficiently wide to earn Joshua the spectacular win he craved.

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Reclaim Blackpool is a project started two years ago to map public sexual harassment in the town of the same name. Blackpool has been deemed the toughest in the UK in which to be a girl, with a 2020 study by Plan International UK finding it has the biggest gender disparity when it comes to rights, life and employment outcomes. It is also the town in which I am raising my two girls.

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Experts warn that rural school closures will widen national disparities and put remote areas under more pressure.

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Israel’s protest movement is made up of many disparate groups, but the pressure from Israel’s much vaunted veterans has been seen as a key to moving the needle.

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But price disparities with neighbouring countries have led to illegal exports and price regulations have made the refining industry unattractive for investors, leaving Kazakhstan's domestic market with fuel shortages.

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New research by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work found that, on average, women in Australia retire with {$}136,000 less in superannuation than men. The biggest culprit in causing that disparity is the gender pay gap but taking time out of the workforce or dropping down to part-time to raise children also has a significant impact.

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These aren’t local problems. In recent years, Muslim individuals, businesses, and nonprofits have reported facing potentially discriminatory practices at some of the nation’s largest banks. These experiences of disparate treatment while opening or maintaining a bank account can be found in different regions across the country. A growing sense that such incidents are not isolated has pushed a group of lawmakers to urge financial institutions to “modernize” policies that implicitly discriminate based on ethnic and religious background.

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The significance of May 1 took another turn in the West, particularly in the U.S., when the Occupy movement held marches and rallies across the country on this day in 2012. The movement had grown out of demonstrations to “occupy Wall Street” to protest the growing disparity of incomes in the United States, and protesters literally camped out on Wall Street, in the heart of New York City’s financial district, in September 2011. Their camps were cleared, but their sentiments aren’t gone, though the Occupy movement has dissipated since then.

For a long time, the book market saw a similar disparity between men and women. Sure, some rockstar female authors come to mind from back in the day: Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Agatha Christie, Zora Neale Hurston — to name just a few prominent ones. But, Waldfogel says, between roughly 1800 and 1900, the share of female authors hovered around only 10 percent each year.

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But the truth is that we’d like to do as much trade as possible with both half-billion markets – and prospects with our neighbour continent are not diminished in importance by our access to the more exciting, but distant and disparate , treaty group.

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The Love Jones Cohort’s women were hopeful that if they did decide to partner, it would be with an educated Black man. Research supports the tendency for people to want to marry or partner with people in their same social and economic class. However, Black women are outpacing Black men in higher education. According to 2018 Census data, 19% of Black men between the ages of 25 and 29 held a bachelor’s degree compared to 26% of Black women. This can lead to a disparity in resources and social standing.

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