Deleterious refers to something that causes harm or damage, especially to health or well-being.


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“The woman will have a higher concentration of blood alcohol because her body contains less water to dilute it,” he said. “Women are much more susceptible to the deleterious effects of alcohol (and they) get more intoxicated and develop alcohol liver disease sooner in life than men do.”

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Americans have argued for generations about the deleterious effects, if any, of an active central government. Once the peril was that one morning we would all wake up communists. It was a furious and intractable debate that led to character attacks and so on, but no one mentioned civil war. There is a virulence in our present divisions that hardens and sharpens them radically. It comes with the insistent association by Republicans of Democrats – the plurality or majority of the American people, a huge, unorganized swath of the population – with perversion involving children.

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It would still allow for approximately 400,000 immigrants a year as that equates to the level at which annual emigration has recently settled. But it would also address concerns about immigration pushing up the UK population to unsustainable levels with all the deleterious effects that has involved.

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Biden also pledged {$}1 billion in new funding to the United Nations’s Green Climate Fund to help developing countries fight climate change, noting that those countries often bear the most deleterious effects of climate change even though they contribute the least to the problem.

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Her findings home in on the decline of men, which is a growing cause of alarm in the US, with books on the subject by Professor Scott Galloway, author of Adrift, and Jon Birger’s Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game. But, Inhorn says, this is also having a “ deleterious effect on women’s lives”.

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Research shows that disruption to early education systems, even those of the highest quality, have deleterious cascading effects at all levels, ultimately compromising outcomes for the children that system serves.

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Keeping continuously bare soil between selected plants in a border or vegetable patch may look like assiduous gardening, but it is essentially as unnatural and deleterious as a ploughed field. Like nature, we should be looking to disturb the earth judiciously and infrequently, and provide cover, conserving moisture, carbon and life in the soil.

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“The challenge with presidential politics is that, we had no idea when we began in January of 2007 that by the time September of 2008 rolled around, the country would be hurtling into a mortgage crisis, and the economy was going to collapse. … There are real concerns because we’re due for a recession, and if it hits at the wrong time, it can have deleterious effects for the incumbent.”

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On Thursday morning, Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee led a hearing highlighting what they said would be the deleterious effects of the GOP’s budget bill, with witnesses warning repeatedly of “financial calamity” if the United States defaulted on its obligations.

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This economic pressure campaign against China, which of course, impacts Taiwan negatively, is going to have a deleterious effect on all the goods and services, and I mean all. Maybe my mug doesn't have a semiconductor. But to make my tea, I have to put on my stove. It has digital platforms and so on, which have semiconductors.

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Chinese scientists have made a new breakthrough in hybrid potato breeding by using evolutionary genomics to identify deleterious mutations, which may help shorten the breeding process and generate more and better potato varieties.

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However, this study has found that stronger potato varieties tended to have a higher genetic deleterious burden. The varieties carrying these hidden deleterious mutations were not suitable for breeding hybrid potatoes, in spite of their superior traits.

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First, increases in employment, unaccompanied by increases in income, appear to have deleterious impacts on children. Insofar as mutual obligations lead to unstable and poorly remunerated employment, they are counterproductive and detrimental.

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