Resplendent means shining brightly or brilliantly, or having a radiant and impressive appearance. It refers to something that is striking, dazzling, or magnificent in its beauty or splendor.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech

Resplendent is an adjective.


Radiant, shining, brilliant, dazzling, splendid, gorgeous, magnificent, impressive.


Dull, drab, plain, unimpressive, lackluster, unremarkable.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun resplendency, resplendences, resplendencies, resplendence
Verb resplend
Adjective resplendent
Adverb resplendently

Example Sentences

  • The sun set behind the mountains, painting the sky in a resplendent orange and pink.

  • The bride looked resplendent in her white gown and diamond jewelry.

  • The palace was decorated with resplendent chandeliers and ornate sculptures.

  • In the heart of the vibrant city, the resplendent skyscrapers towered above, their glass facades reflecting the golden rays of the setting sun, creating a breathtaking display of shimmering light that painted the urban landscape in a kaleidoscope of colors, while the bustling streets below pulsed with energy and life, showcasing a tapestry of diverse cultures, as the city’s resplendent beauty served as a testament to human ingenuity and the remarkable achievements that arise when dreams and aspirations intertwine.


The word “resplendent” comes from the Latin word “resplendere,” which means to shine brightly. It is a descriptive word that is often used to describe things that are visually striking, impressive, or awe-inspiring. It can be used to describe natural phenomena, such as a sunset or a rainbow, as well as man-made objects, such as buildings or artwork.

The word “resplendent” can be used with prefixes and suffixes to create new words with similar meanings. For example, the prefix “un-” can be added to “resplendent” to create “unresplendent,” which means dull or unimpressive. Similarly, the suffix “-cy” can be added to “resplendent” to create “resplendency,” which means the quality of being resplendent or radiant.

In literature, the word “resplendent” is often used to create a sense of awe or wonder, especially when describing natural beauty or grandeur. It can also be used to describe opulence and luxury, especially when describing art, architecture, or fashion. In everyday speech, the word “resplendent” is less common, but it can be a useful word to use when trying to convey a sense of grandeur or magnificence.

Overall, “resplendent” is a powerful and descriptive word that can be used to describe anything that is visually striking or impressive. It is a versatile word that can be used in a wide range of contexts, from describing the natural beauty of a sunset to the grandeur of a palace or museum. The word “resplendent” can help writers and speakers convey a sense of awe and wonder, and it can be a valuable tool for creating vivid and evocative descriptions of the world around us.