A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different


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Both the game (which I have played) and the show are reasonably thoughtful in their dedication to moral ambiguity, dispensing with any semblance of the traditional hero/villain dichotomy (at least so far as humans are concerned). Sure, some people are much kinder and more decent than others, but even the worst, most morally compromised characters are allowed glimmers of humanity.

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"They'd say, 'This isn't your work – there's no way you could have written this.' "So when growing up I was fulfilling two dichotomies of being the hardworking, quiet, submissive Asian student, but also having to grapple with the fact that people didn't believe the skills and the knowledge I did have. And it was always accredited to plagiarism or cheating or something else.

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More than 150 years ago, Darwin poignantly noted the dichotomy between what we understand in physics and what we observe in life – noting at the end of The Origin of Species “…whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved”.

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To boil things down, the main schemes are the joint use of red and white, which evokes energy and love (usually used for comedies and romcoms), and blue is the dominant colour you’ll find on most movie posters. It is overwhelmingly favoured by designers, used for principally for thrillers (showing suspense). You’ll also find posters using a combination of blue and orange (or black and orange), a colour combination that has become the perfect shortcut for a wide variety of genres because the gradient dichotomy works.

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The motif later re-emerges to bold, vibrant effect, filling the bodies of amoeba-like forms in selected works from "My Eternal Soul," a hundreds-strong series of acrylic paintings that she began in 2009 and completed last year. They appear in the retrospective's colorful "Force of Life" section, which immediately follows one titled "Death," a contrast that speaks both to the dichotomies of Kusama's work and the internal struggles underpinning it.

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"Contrast and contradiction is one of the main concepts that I'm exploring in my work," she said, pointing to the dichotomies of many Iranian women's lives. Red or black threads are a recurring motif in her paintings — they appear looped around her figures' fingers or wrists, sewn over their closed mouths or emerging from their eyes — sometimes as painted lines, sometimes as physical strings hanging from the canvas.

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Be aware of dichotomous thinking. Do not fall into the good or bad trap. There’s a world of possibility between one or the other. Considering people, ideas, places or situations as either good or evil (but never both or somewhere in between) fosters a polarizing “us vs. them” attitude and eliminates nuance.

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In a study of 19th century ideas of poverty, the German historian Beate Althammer observes a strange dichotomy . On the one hand, “there existed a deep-rooted tradition of ascribing to the poor a special proximity to God”. As a Hamburg teacher wrote in 1834:

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Moreover, I am accustomed to having quizzical glances cast in my direction, as if I am something of a novelty or a curious anomaly. A large part of my musical career to date has been based on balancing and reconciling the tricky dichotomy of otherness in relation to myself and the canon of western classical music that I love and love to perform. And given that they are so few and far between, representations of people who look like me in the classical canon have always been of interest.

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"It's pretty unequivocal when you read the IPCC reports starting in 2018, that we cannot get to net zero global emissions without permanent carbon removal at scale. And so to us, it is a false dichotomy " to compare carbon dioxide removal with emissions reductions, Bebbington told CNBC. "We need to both radically reduce the emissions we emit, but also scale high-quality permanent carbon removal, because, without those, we will in no way reach that net-zero goal," Bebbington said.

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Serving as vice president during the Adams presidency (1797–1801), Jefferson worked behind the scenes to undermine Adams’s efforts to sustain strict neutrality and blamed the outbreak of the “quasi-war” with France in 1797–98 on what he called “our American Anglophiles” rather than the French Directory. His foreign-policy vision was resolutely moralistic and highly ideological, dominated by a dichotomous view of England as a corrupt and degenerate engine of despotism and France as the enlightened wave of the future. Jefferson’s position on domestic policy during the 1790s was a variation on the same ideological dichotomy .

"It was an amazing dichotomy of trying to be a father and be a city manager and work through that process," he told NPR.

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But if they were more honest, the transphobe would dig into the roots of their experience and realize, some trans women look like men to me, and some look like women, and the difference between them isn’t in their chromosomes or their genitals, it’s in their external gender presentation. In fact, the enduring appeal of trans porn is rooted in this precise dichotomy . A trans woman still looks like a woman even if you can see her penis.

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This couple represents a fascinating dichotomy : on one hand, they’re known for being ultra private – rarely pictured together, never commenting on one another, and going to great lengths to spend time away from public attention.

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Visual Devilcore signifiers like pentagrams and horns are common, and fashion accessories such as lace, chokers, chains, fishnet, leather and capes are musts. All mostly in a red and black colour dichotomy . Oh, and make-up. Plenty of that. Those looking to dive a little deeper, however, indulge in another duality beyond palettes, that of the Succubus and the Incubus.

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Musical accompaniment is minimal, although the film is significantly bookended by the sounds of Jan Johansson’s performance of Liksom en herdinna (which featured in Ingmar Bergman’s all but disowned 1971 oddity The Touch) and Bill Fay’s wistfully romantic Love Will Remain. Listening to the latter after watching One Fine Morning for a second time, I found myself locked in that strange conundrum of crying and smiling simultaneously. It’s a bittersweet dichotomy I treasure, and one that this beautiful film evokes perfectly.

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The industry faces an interesting dichotomy . Demand has surged from launching a few satellites on small rockets to launching swarms of satellites at once using bigger rockets, even as investors shy away from the sector in search of safer bets.

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That high constitutional standard already has critics on the current Supreme Court. Two conservative Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, have publicly advocated that the Supreme Court reconsider — and potentially modify or overrule — the “actual malice” standard. That creates an odd dichotomy here. The actual malice rule challenged by the conservative justices is embraced by Fox News, a conservative news outlet, as its central defense.

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On a visit to Washington last week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki summoned the dichotomy , tapping into months of friction with French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been the target of much Western consternation both for his failed attempts at outreach with Putin before last year’s Russian invasion of Ukraine and his more recent foray to China in the company of dozens of French business leaders.

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It doesn’t take much to see how this apparent conflict is badly posed: Where, after all, do knowledge workers and bankers get their degrees if not at elite schools? From whom does Harvard, Hollywood or NPR get its funding if not wealthy elites? Even so, conservatives choose their false dichotomies wisely. Not only are these divides culturally resonant; they are also constitutionally salient.

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In a sweeping, multi-generational family saga, alternatively spanning from the 1940s all the way to the 1990s, Bennett paints an illustrative portrait about family, identity, abuse, racism through the dichotomies of these twin sisters.

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Second, the open letter casts AI research into a Manichean dichotomy : the bad version that “no one…can understand, predict, or reliably control” and the good one — the so-called responsible AI. The open letter was as much about shaping visions about the future of AI as it was about hyping up responsible AI.

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Longer term outlook However, the stabilized funding may not be enough for the regional bank stocks to catch up to their larger competitors, which are viewed as safer and have more diversified businesses. "We're struck by the dichotomy developing between the big banks and the small banks… the former have stabilized post JPM earnings, while the latter continues to plumb fresh lows," Strategas partner Chris Verrone said in a note to clients on Wednesday morning. Even if deposits stabilize, a shift away from noninterest-bearing accounts is squeezing profit margins at all manner of financial institutions.

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“It is a false dichotomy . In order to have choice, you have to have something to choose between. At the moment you either choose between assisted suicide or really bad support from a social care sector that’s in crisis so we’re not getting it. The NHS, it’s in crisis too. There aren’t enough nurses to support people with disabilities in hospital. Pain management and palliative care is insufficient. Get that right first, then we’ll sit around the table and talk – but not before.”

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"Of the 100+ launch companies that collectively raised {$}27 billion over the last decade, there are currently only two that are operational: SpaceX and Rocket Lab," the report said, adding that there was a visible " dichotomy between the winners and everyone else" in the rocket manufacturing sector.

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In this dichotomy between going out and having a beer with people and staying home and talking on the phone to your kids about their homework, which do you think is more Trump?

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This is the dichotomy of US politics. Biden and Trump are in positions of strength in their respective primaries at the same time they generate very little excitement for the public at large.

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Not unfair descriptives in the grand scheme of things, but The National remain a rare breed for me, a band whose intricate musical arrangements interlaced with poetic and evocatively surrealist lyrics swell with a melancholia that somehow manages to be uplifting. And for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, this dichotomy takes on new dimensions live, when frontman Matt Berninger brings the uplift by passionately shouting or energetically wander around the crowd.

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However, in the aftermath of the Pentagon leaks, a sudden shift in the dynamics of this crisis has emerged, which has had a palpable and demoralizing effect on Zelenskyy and his associates. A striking dichotomy is visible in the realm of Western perceptions regarding China. While on one hand, fabricated claims have been made regarding China's alleged weapon supply to Russia, on the other hand, there is a recognition that China is the only country that wields significant influence in both Kyiv and Moscow, and is therefore well positioned as the preeminent global power capable of facilitating a negotiated resolution to the Ukraine crisis.

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