Perfunctory means carrying out a task with minimal effort or enthusiasm, lacking interest or care.


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The senators’ correspondence was not a perfunctory letter. Indeed, it’s worth reading if for no other reason than to appreciate just how serious the Democrats are about their concerns.

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"When I was looking at who had messaged, I was like, 'I don't know if this person is real,'" Kaimi told CNBC. After a few days, Kaimi sent back a perfunctory message. Mike promptly responded and engaged enthusiastically with Kaimi, before suggesting they move to a messaging app called Line.

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There is swashbuckling and the ticking crocodile and Smee (Jim Gaffigan) but the narrative always feels perfunctory and inert possibly because there’s just no spark between any of the characters, least of all Wendy and Peter, who is portrayed as a sulky kind of chap. What the film tries to bring to the party is more heft (and sympathy) to Hook, who is awarded a tragic backstory and is less the pantomime villain.

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It might help them honestly confront the issues of how to handle the rapidly rising {$}31 trillion debt, without the over-the-top stakes of one side holding the other politically hostage. In reality, it’s an almost perfunctory vote every 18 months or so that carries very little political risk but could also lead to incredibly horrible consequences if Congress lets the nation default on its debt.

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Miss Manners will add two more thoughts: 1. Go on about your business. 2. It hardly seems necessary to give birthday presents to your boss — it may even embarrass him — but if you feel you have to do so again, do not worry if your next gift is more perfunctory .

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