To become agitated or distressed, especially in a social or public setting. To unravel or become worn at the edge or end, such as a piece of cloth.


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Elena does know people in the war zone, but she still may not be close enough to the conflict. She and Shyrokova are far from unique - a Russian journalist documented in a film how family ties have frayed as people grapple with colliding realities in Russia, Ukraine and overseas.

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While the establishment of the Cancer Foundation and Center, under the patronage of King Abdullah II was integral, fighting the stigma of cancer was another fray . A battle the Princess states was won through the heroic actions of the late King Hussein of Jordan.

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Under the European Union's Digital Markets Act, Apple and Google will likely have to expand access to app stores owned by other companies on their mobile devices. The new rules are expected to come into effect next March, which provides a window for competitors like Microsoft to enter the fray .

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But since the Arab Spring protests in the early 2010s, U.S.-Saudi relations have frayed , both in Riyadh and in Washington. The perception among Gulf leaders that the Obama administration abandoned former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during the Egyptian revolution in 2011 left them deeply rattled. They feared that the U.S. could abandon them just as it had done Mubarak, a longtime partner of 30 years.

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R. Kikuo Johnson (fiction), author of No One Else, a writer and illustrator — the first graphic novelist to be recognized by the award — who "stitches a gentle seam along the frayed edges of three generations in a family in Hawaii."

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This is a good day for America’s frail and fraying democracy and the rule of law. This is a good day for America.

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There was respect and a sign of things to come before the under 100 Kg final, which saw two massive throwers enter the fray .

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The election is also a test of the organizing might of the police and teachers’ unions. Both have feuded with outgoing Mayor Lightfoot, who missed the runoff after finishing third – an outcome driven in part by her frayed relationships with those powerful groups.

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Ruto said he did not believe journalists were targeted but that some had been caught in the fray .

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Relations between Taipei and Beijing have frayed since Tsai, who is from the centre-left Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was first elected president in 2016, succeeding Ma Ying-jeou of the Beijing-friendly Kuomintang.

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It’s hard to be the grand old man of the Democratic Party, a sage of hard-won wisdom, however, when the current president has been in the fray as long as you have.

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Jean-Pierre’s reluctance to enter the fray of the debate around blue slips is just the latest illustration of Biden’s own deference to Senate procedure. But it comes amid growing agitation among Democrats over the White House’s hands-off approach.

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The President has been notoriously deliberate over the course of decades in public office, often putting off major decisions until the 11th hour. But holding off on making a reelection announcement is rooted in far more practical considerations, aides say, first and foremost of which is focusing on governing matters such as raising the debt ceiling and avoiding getting drawn into the political fray a moment sooner than he must.

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Visions of the future almost inevitably touch on our fraying relationship with nature, but it’s rare to find such a bold exploration of this topic as we do in the novella “Feed Them Silence” by Lee Mandelo. A scientist named Sean has an experimental procedure to link her brain with that of one of the few surviving wolves, so she can experience what it’s like to be a wolf. It’s all fun and games — until winter comes and the wolves starve.

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Companies led by Indian billionaires Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani, a British retailer and global asset reconstruction firms are among the 49 entities in the fray to acquire Future Retail Ltd (FRTL.NS), the debt-laden Indian retailer said on Monday.

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Once committed to Northern Ireland’s violent overthrow and abolition, Sinn Féin topped last year’s election ahead of the DUP for the first time, meaning its regional leader — party vice president Michelle O’Neill — should be entitled to the top Stormont post of first minister. The DUP’s loss of top-dog status has increased unionist unease that Northern Ireland’s bonds with Britain could be irreversibly fraying .

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Republicans aren’t eager to enter the fray over abortion pill

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These releases come against a backdrop of global stock markets still maintaining a glass-half-full outlook despite the growth picture fraying at the edges and bond yields continuing a steady creep higher.

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Indeed, to see how easily things can slowly go wrong we need only look to the United States, where an alarming growth in selective free speech and government action is fraying the country apart from its inside out, while foreign policy pressures from Iran, an atomising Afghanistan and Iraq, and a throbbing Russia and China create only more offshore headaches to the world order.

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Although Medicare has served Australia well, it’s beginning to fray at the edges with reductions in bulk billing and provider satisfaction, and geographical shortages.

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Inaugurated by King Rama V in 1900, the old station is fraying at the edges, with stray dogs snoozing under tatty wooden benches - but from the walls, colourful posters trumpet the bright future of high-speed travel.

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As early as the 1830s Robert Anderson, a Scot, developed a rudimentary EV , but it was not a success. Even after the car industry really took off in the 1890s, as French and American firms joined the fray , electric power was still in the ascendancy. In America in 1900, almost twice as many electric- as petrol-driven vehicles were on the road.

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The president’s understated strategy makes room for Republicans to stoke chaos, tear each other apart and make unforced errors while he remains above the fray for as long as possible. This strategy makes the GOP the focus of the election, allowing Biden to reinforce his message from 2020: do voters want someone who will govern and act in a serious manner or do they want a circus?

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After Prayut, who led the 2014 coup, entered the fray to compete against politicians whom he once abhorred, he has been helping his United Thai Nation Party (UTNP) gain popularity.

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As the focus turns to the 2024 race, DeSantis’s allies and foes are looking at the current legislative session as a lens into how he governs and what type of leader he might be at a national level — where he would face far more hurdles with a divided Congress. Some are drawing parallels to Trump, not just in his penchant for using the powers of his office to pursue political enemies but also for fraying the institutional norms of the nation’s democracy.

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They added: “If you’ve made your shtick being above the fray , then rolling around in the gutter means you’ve taken away a key strength. It will come back to bite us.”

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“The president’s understated strategy makes room for Republicans to stoke chaos, tear each other apart and make unforced errors while he remains above the fray for as long as possible. This strategy makes the GOP the focus of the election, allowing Biden to reinforce his message from 2020: do voters want someone who will govern and act in a serious manner or do they want a circus?”

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The comments caused a storm and were condemned by Vatican officials in the past few days before the pope himself entered the fray at his noon address to about 20,000 people in St. Peter's Square.

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Belatedly, Bragg squared up to the bully-in-chief. Enlightened Americans and the country’s fraying notion of the rule of law thanked him for it.

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The answer might depend on which party controls the White House, a political reality that speaks to how frayed the constitutional order already is.

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Even so, the DeSantis event attracted at least three dozen Republican lawmakers, including two senators besides Lee: Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), according to a person in the room. DeSantis, in line with his desire to stay above the fray , did not mention Trump, even as his possible GOP rival continues to take shots at him.

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Legal experts say the justices’ sweeping pledges to leave the abortion fray once Roe was overturned were doomed from the start.

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In the overall nationwide survey, Pheu Thai leads the fray as the most popular party in both constituency and party-list elections, followed by the Move Forward Party.

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Playing Scrabble on a smartphone app may not change the world – not in a visible, glorious, concrete way. It may not alter the balance of power in Congress or on the battlefield in Ukraine. But, just from time to time, il faut cultiver notre jardin; and contra those who believe that screens are isolating us from one another and fraying the social fabric, here’s a way in which they are not. Little, silly games played online are considerably underappreciated contributors to the web of human interconnection and the sum of human happiness.

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Instead, ask a focus group what they like about the Prime Minister and they’ll tell you it’s precisely because he ‘is smart and sensible’, ‘just gets on with it’ and is a ‘competent safe pair of hands’. If the Tories are to have any chance of pulling back the next General Election, keeping Sunak focused on delivery and ‘above the fray ’ is essential.

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