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Yes, and fraud has been a problem for decades. Mostly it centres around flights. Every day many people who would never regard themselves as criminals routinely defraud airlines by exploiting anomalies in pricing.

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“Exploring the unknown in space and the atmosphere is at the heart of who we are at NASA,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Understanding the data we have surrounding unidentified anomalous phenomena is critical to helping us draw scientific conclusions about what is happening in our skies. Data is the language of scientists and makes the unexplainable, explainable.”

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From where Robbie was seated at “the sticks” he would not normally be able to see the incoming sonar yields. At that moment, however, he was deep in conversation with Clément and facing the online screen. Because Clément’s head was turned slightly, it was actually Robbie who first spotted the anomaly as it edged into view.

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2022 was an anomaly , due to the very large swings in stocks and sectors.

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If the ‘nymph’ isn’t sufficiently demure but more or less protrudes, Soranos considers, that’s an anomaly needing surgical correction. The doctor advises slicing it off with a scalpel, taking care of avoiding too heavy a bleed.

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Researchers, including those from the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), say these UFOs do not show the tell-tale signs that normally appear when objects moving at such speeds experience friction with air.

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If we look at the temperature anomaly map worldwide we can see a few standout features.

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But among my friends and peers, I am an anomaly . Millennial mums like myself grew up with the rise of the internet. From MySpace to Facebook, we remember the sparkly early days of social media. Finally being an active participant, instead of just a passive consumer of the media we consumed.

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She "felt like an anomaly " as a Korean American adoptee, an experience she explores in her 2018 debut All You Can Ever Know. In that memoir, Chung breaks down the simplistic origin story her white adoptive parents told her about how she came to be theirs, while tracing her search for her birth family.

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Another standout from the start of the 2010s came courtesy of the now-disbanded French house duo Daft Punk. Their score was so good that it stands as something of an anomaly on this list, as the score outshines the film itself, keeping the movie alive rather than complementing it. The pair’s soundscapes made Disney’s belated sci-fi sequel to the cult 1982 film far more memorable than the film actually is.

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“A highly anomalous April snowstorm with blizzard conditions is expected from northwestern Nebraska and across the central Dakotas and then into northern Minnesota,” said the prediction center.

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More often, winning a national title requires the skillful navigation of a tight contest. Of these past 38 champions, 27 had a game decided by five points or fewer. Twenty-two won a game by no more than three points. Eleven survived by just one point in at least one of their tournament matchups. Connecticut, dominant and deep, became an anomaly .

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Why do band-romancers do what they do, knowing perfectly well that nothing kills a friendship like a busted romance – and how hard it will be to work sensibly, even after the dust settles, alongside someone who has made you feel the best and the worst you’ll ever feel? Well, watching somebody do something well is often sexy, and you’ll be seeing it in close-up – of course, there are unexplainable anomalies here, like the Eurythmics. But generally looking at someone being screamed at by a cast of thousands while wriggling about within grabbing distance of oneself may make one recall the old Paul Newman line about his marriage to Joanne Woodward: ‘Why go out for hamburger when I have steak at home?’ Nobody really knows what a rock idol feels except another who has a similar experience of what Janis Joplin described as ‘making love to 25,000 different people – then I go home alone’.

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I think this huge run back to tech was emotional and it wasn't fundamental." Many long-term investors expect a retracement, or fade, in the Nasdaq's recent rally, viewing the robust quarterly gain as an anomaly unlikely to continue amid a backdrop of deteriorating fundamentals. SoFi's Liz Young is in that cohort.

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Its first attempt at a launch from UK soil earlier this year ended ignominiously when LauncherOne left Earth's atmosphere but failed to deliver its payload of satellites to their desired orbits due to an unexpected anomaly . However, the company, founded by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, was already burning through cash before the setback that seems to have turned into a major crisis for the business.

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The company said the botched launch, which was billed as a historic moment for Britain, was the result of an anomaly that meant the rocket could not reach the required altitude and was later lost.

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Machine learning is essentially a set of algorithms designed to automatically learn patterns and models from data. Because we astronomers aren’t sure what we’re going to find – we don’t know what we don’t know – we also design algorithms to look out for anomalies that don’t fit known parameters or “labels”.

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Tavel, an MP from that party, told Euronews that he expects their proposal will also be part of the larger left-wing coalition’s discussions this month, adding that in his view the French government is a "democratic anomaly ".

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“I think it might open a few doors,” Smith said, “I’ve got a feeling we’ll have a different way of looking at how to find these sorts of anomalies , if you like.”

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There are also some suspicious anomalies , including the quickness of her identification, the speedy interrogations of her mother and sister, and her own arrest — all in a matter of hours after the bombing.

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“This may turn out to be one extra way of developing a marker for Alzheimer’s detection and progression evaluation by assessing in which ways one could spot persistent anomalies in images of visual navigation tasks reconstructed from a patient’s brain activity.”

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In its statement, MSI did not address the extent of the security breach, nor what was stolen, stating only that it "detected network anomalies ," and its IT department "activated relevant defense mechanisms and carried out recovery measures."

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Starbucks is betting big on olive oil infused coffee, hoping customers will be enticed by the anomaly and the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

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Nor is Texas an anomaly when it comes to how lawmakers in Republican states regard gun restrictions. On Thursday, 10 days after a school shooting in Nashville — once again involving an AR-style rifle — that killed three 9-year-olds and three adults, the Tennessee legislature took a historic vote.

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Part of 13’s reputation may be connected to a feeling of unfamiliarity, or “felt sense of anomaly ,” as it is called in the psychological literature. In everyday life, 13 is less common than 12. There’s no 13th month, 13-inch ruler, or 13 o'clock. By itself a sense of unfamiliarity won’t cause a phobia, but psychological research shows that we favor what is familiar and disfavor what is not. This makes it easier to associate 13 with negative attributes.

For decades, scientists have debated the nature and origin of what some experts consider the most anomalous and enigmatic layer of Earth’s deep interior: the boundary between its scorching hot liquid outer core and the solid mantle that surrounds it. Wp Get the full experience.

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Florida’s abortion law, enacted last year, bans the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy except when an abortion would either “save the pregnant woman’s life” or “avert a serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function.” The law includes another exception for a “fatal fetal anomaly ,” which generally would not apply in a pre-viability PPROM case, according to several doctors, because there is no fetal anomaly but a lack of amniotic fluid, which limits the fetus’s chances of survival.

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As a Black British opera singer, I am used to being a rare breed – still. Moreover, I am accustomed to having quizzical glances cast in my direction, as if I am something of a novelty or a curious anomaly . A large part of my musical career to date has been based on balancing and reconciling the tricky dichotomy of otherness in relation to myself and the canon of western classical music that I love and love to perform.

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Templer said his attack was an “ anomaly ,” and he doesn’t want anyone to be dissuaded by what happened on his 1996 river run.

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Data protector Cohesity is going to provide its data structures to OpenAI so that generative AI can be applied to threat and anomaly detection, potentially combating the ransomware plague.

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In recent years, the NSA and other agencies have also improved their capabilities to detect anomalies in internet traffic from US-based systems, aimed in part at helping to deter foreign hackers moving large amounts of data from US computers. Those systems don’t monitor domestic US internet traffic.

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In his original draft of the Declaration of Independence, he included a passage, subsequently deleted by the Continental Congress, blaming both the slave trade and slavery itself on George III. Unlike most of his fellow Virginians, Jefferson was prepared to acknowledge that slavery was an anomaly in the American republic established in 1776. His two most practical proposals came in the early 1780s: a gradual emancipation scheme by which all slaves born after 1800 would be freed and their owners compensated, and a prohibition of slavery in all the territories of the West as a condition for admission to the Union.

Last week, sea surface waters directly off the coast of Peru reached 2.7 degrees Celsius above normal. The most recent two weeks where the anomaly was as warm or warmer were in July 2015, preceding the 2015-16 El Nino event, and in June 1998, coming off the 1997-98 event.

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BARONE I agree that “Phantom” is an anomaly , even among ’80s spectacles. (Even among Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals?) A couple of years ago I saw “Phantom” at the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki.

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“The kind of Christianity we had in America during the mid-20th century, emphasizing ethics over the supernatural, was an anomaly ,” Laycock said. “Most of Christian history has emphasized the supernatural and spiritual warfare. This is Christianity returning to its supernatural roots.”

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