A feeling of annoyance or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one’s pride. When used as a verb, it means to provoke or stimulate.


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The head-trip of infinity poses a significant obstacle to storytelling, however. "To play in the playground of infinity is not as satisfying as following a story that has a beginning, middle and end," said "Into the Spider-Verse" producer Miller. The very concept that piques our storytelling brain can also break it.

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A team of ProPublica reporters earlier this year began looking into the travel of various Supreme Court justices, not entirely sure what they would find, if anything. But after a little digging, the trio of journalists stumbled upon something that piqued their interest.

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The ban by Italy has piqued the interest of other privacy regulators in Europe who are studying if harsher measures are needed for chatbots and whether to coordinate such actions.

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The Italian regulator move has piqued the interest of other privacy regulators in Europe who are studying if harsher measures are needed for chatbots and whether to coordinate such actions.

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The Italian move on ChatGPT has piqued the interest of other privacy watchdogs in Europe which are studying whether harsher measures are needed for chatbots and whether to coordinate.

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It’s this idea of ‘know-how’ that piqued my interest.

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Since the 1970s, the U.S. has maintained a commitment to the defense of Taiwan even while not officially recognizing the island as distinct from China. It’s a thin line — one that has increasingly blurred in recent years. A trip to Taiwan made by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last August piqued international interest and a frenzied Chinese response. The following month, President Joe Biden told Scott Pelley in a “60 Minutes” interview that U.S. forces would defend the island “if in fact there was an unprecedented attack.”

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We bet these stories will also pique your interest.

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"Even if the Fed chooses not to hike interest rates next month, which would likely bring down mortgage rates, the limited supply of homes for sale would remain a major obstacle for would-be buyers," wrote Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, in the report. "Rates dipping below 6% would probably pique the interest of more buyers, but enough homeowners have rates in the 3% or 4% range that we're unlikely to see a big uptick in new listings."

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“Some of them made comments and there were reactions which piqued my interest. So I arranged to meet with a few of them and several other youths to learn for myself and hear for myself first-hand what they were most concerned about, how they saw their role as future leaders and what more could we do, to partner with them, to engage them, so that they can be part of that solution,” Mr Tong said.

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“Now? It’s just … me. The character will adapt itself to you rather than the other way round, so I do what piques my interest. Sometimes it’s just the money alone.”

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Beaten, Taylor Greene retreated into a large SUV and scurried away as bullies are apt to do when they are defied face-to-face. Her gaggle of supporters broke out into a limp chant of “USA, USA” that, like their piqued patron, faded into irrelevance.

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The Shenzhou-15 taikonauts gave detailed answers and showcased how they work and live in the China Space Station, which piqued the young audience's curiosity for space exploration.

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It was the inclusion of Jen – Jennifer Aniston – that piqued my interest more than the others (Betty White from The Golden Girls, plus Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey). In the late 1990s and early noughties, when I came of age, no one’s fertility was more debated than that of the Friends star.

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Wilkins may have even been asked not to use the photograph until she left. However, he later said, he didn’t think the photo contained any bombshells. Wilkins did it out of pique , not with the intention of giving Watson information that he could use to scoop both Franklin and Wilkins.

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Here’s what’s new in-store and piquing our interest….

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For many who have had their curiosity piqued and want to know more about its legendary past, the Gobi Desert and the arduous journey to get there has deterred them from visiting to see for themselves the grandeur of the Dunhuang frescoes, while preservation requirements have resulted in limits on the number of visitors allowed access.

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Written in English, the book has piqued the curiosity of readers beyond Lesotho’s borders. Chef Ska's interviews have appeared in publications across Africa, Asia and Europe.

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“Audubon did not do his paintings from life as he was reputed to do; he did them from a dead bird skin hanging from the ceiling. … He was a faker! He was, from that moment on, complete anathema,” wrote Milton Brasher, imputing to Rex’s father — and perhaps Rex himself — Shakespearean levels of pique .

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