Proceeds refers to the money or revenue that is generated from a particular sale or business transaction, typically after deducting any necessary costs or expenses. It can also refer to the series of steps or actions taken to achieve a particular goal or objective.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



earnings, income, revenue, profit, returns, yield, take, gain, surplus, net, dividend, output.


no direct antonyms but possible antonyms could be ’losses’, ’expenses’, or ‘costs’.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun procedure, proceeds, proceedings, processions, proceeding, procedures, procession
Verb proceeding, proceed, proceeded, proceeds
Adjective procedural
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The school fundraiser was a huge success, raising over $10,000 in proceeds from the sale of baked goods and crafts.

  • After deducting all of the necessary expenses, the company’s net proceeds for the month were significantly lower than expected.

  • Our goal is to use the proceeds from the sale of our house to purchase a new home in a more desirable location.

  • The proceeds from the auction of the rare artwork will be donated to a local charity to support their efforts in the community.


Proceeds is a noun that refers to the revenue or money that is generated from a sale, business transaction, or any other process of commercial exchange. It is often used in financial or business contexts, such as in discussions of investments, sales figures, or profit margins. The term is also used as a verb in some cases, especially in legal or financial settings where it can mean to move forward with a legal or financial action or transaction.

Proceeds can also be modified with various prefixes or suffixes to alter its meaning or usage. For example, the prefix ’net’ can be added to indicate the remaining proceeds after deductions or expenses, such as ’net proceeds’ or ’net profits’. The suffix ‘-s’ can indicate multiple sources of proceeds, as in ‘proceeds from various sales or donations’. The root ‘pro-’ means ‘forward’ or ‘in favor of’, which can help to explain some of the word’s various uses in different contexts.

Additionally, the term ‘proceeds’ is often found in legal documents or contracts, especially in situations where the sale of an asset or property is involved. In these cases, the proceeds from the sale are often used to pay off outstanding debts, judgments, or other financial obligations. Proceeds can also refer to the funds generated from charitable donations or fundraisers, which are then used to support philanthropic endeavors or community initiatives.

Overall, the word ‘proceeds’ is a versatile term that is frequently used in business, financial, and legal contexts to indicate the revenue or funds generated from a particular transaction or process. Its usage can be modified with various prefixes, suffixes, or contextual references to convey different shades of meaning or applications.