Abrupt or blunt in manner or speech.


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Like the pigeon, Lizzy's career is struggling to take flight. Frustration and ennui are taking their toll. She looks tired, leaden; moving through the world as if the air were made of cold soup. Williams offers a brusque , flinty turn as a character all too happy to gripe — and all too proud to ask for help. In a community of artists, she comes across as very alone.

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In the opposite corner so to speak was Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) MP and lawyer David Trimble: Confident, smart, a little brusque at times, and with good reason – a little nervous about the reconciliation he was undertaking.

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She asked if he still wanted a lift home, and mentioned she hadn’t yet left their house. The physician, mental health expert and bestselling author, who was 71 at the time, replied brusquely : “Never mind.” So enraged was he, as Maté writes in his new book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture, that, when he got home, he “growled a hello” and then “barely made eye contact” for the next day.

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Still, Cotter keeps hoping for a fuller, more optimistic answer. He treks to the Mayo Clinic, the healing haven of last resort, in a desperate attempt to learn more about his symptoms, and is disappointed when physicians offer him the same grim, vague diagnosis and lack of cure that others had despite the expense, and the logistics, of submitting to the clinic’s brusque , bureaucratic “team care.” “Did I expect the Mayo Clinic would hand me a pill to make me better?” Cotter admits. “Yes, a little.”

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Unfortunately they have not got this. So far, the reaction from Berlaymont to the concerns of those in Warsaw, Budapest and Sofia has been a brusque emailed statement from the Commission in a kind of EU Dalek-speak. ‘We are aware of Poland and Hungary’s announcements… in this context, it is important to underline that trade policy is of EU exclusive competence and, therefore, unilateral actions are not acceptable.

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It’s obvious why the American feels an obligation to him. A greater mystery is why Ahmed sacrifices so much for the American soldier, who at first is brusque and distrustful of the interpreter. (Ahmed, in his previous career, was involved in his family’s heroin business.

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Although Bertagnolli often wears cowboy boots, she does not fit the stereotype of the brusque , swaggering surgeon, according to people who have worked with her. Gawande described Bertagnolli as unflappable, crediting her experience raising an autistic son while tackling high-pressure professional roles.

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“After TTP’s repeated attacks in the last few months and the Police Line [an area in the city where important government installations are located] bombing in Peshawar in January this year, Pakistan raised objections with the Afghan government. But they were given brusque responses from Muttaqi. So, for him to make this visit now can be seen as a softening of stance and positive progress,” the Sweden-based Syed told Al Jazeera.

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Unfortunately, the studios in return have been equally brusque . In response to this demand, all the studios are offering is an ‘annual consultation’ on the ongoing use of AI. And that’s it. If the writers are saying ‘Forget it’, the studios are saying ‘Get stuffed’.

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