Deprecatory means expressing disapproval or belittling something or someone. It is often used to indicate a negative or critical opinion of someone or something.


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Avoid the phrase “‘when I was your age,’ which is almost always said in a deprecating way,” Dr. Steinberg said. He explained: “It’s akin to saying ‘don’t talk back’ to a 4-year-old. You didn’t grow up in the same era they did.”

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Cortina does not present aporophobia as a clinical condition or narrowly as a species of fear. Much like other faux-phobias, such as homophobia and xenophobia, she takes it to be a widespread aversion, based on contempt as much as dread, which justifies the ongoing deprecation of the poor.

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Now you have more time to spend with mummy.’ Reminiscent of the funny, self deprecating Grant we had in the 1990s, now he’s sanctimonious and just plain rude.

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Now that I am older and wiser, I just want to reach out and say, stop it. Don't deprecate yourself. But what I've realized is that it's foolish to blame the victim, because that is what it is.

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Sheeran appeared self deprecating as he told his story, saying: "I can't read music. I'm not classically trained in anything."

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Those that don’t agree to pay, Twitter warned, will begin to see their service “ deprecate ,” a process that some agencies say is already underway.

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Popups offering extensions now include the publisher’s name, helping developers to decide whether an extension is worth installing. There is also a new notification for deprecated extensions.

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The new release is designed for Java 17 or later. “The OpenJDK community will end active support for Java 11 in September 2023,” said Red Hat’s Guillaume Smet, Principal Software Engineer working on Quarkus and Hibernate. “We still plan to support Java 11 past that date for core Quarkus functionality, but Java 11 is now marked as deprecated .”

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“I don’t think they’re seeing the guy with a great sense of humor— the self deprecating , the great encourager. I still think there’s a little bit of a hesitancy to show some leg, if you will, in the media and in his public appearances and in his speeches.”

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Ali Spivak, head of Chrome extensions developer relations, acknowledged persistent developer complaints by saying that Google plans to address platform gaps and to fix critical bugs before announcing a new deprecation timeline for the current system.

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I saw my own self-flagellation in these lines, the way I deprecate myself and sacrifice my own needs to care for my family. So did my partner, who requested to read this piece before I submitted it for publication.

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The appointment of Yaccarino, a long-time ad-industry insider, only belies that reality. However, advertisers are scared of any platform that seems to be becoming unruly and have watched Twitter’s user experience deprecate . I have been on Twitter from the beginning — I sent the first tweet that launched the company — and have seen it through its many dysfunctional phases.

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"But we think they will gradually loosen their grip on the lira thereafter, allowing a (relatively) smooth deprecation against the U.S. dollar."

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