Diaphanous refers to something that is very light, delicate, and almost transparent.


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And remember the rhythmic prance of "1234," how Feist found melodies in strumming and lightly slapping guitar strings like some diaphanous Leo Kottke? It's here in "I Took All of My Rings Off," her anthem for giving up on delusion but not the world, and "Love Who We Are Meant To," which spies the cad in Stephen Stills' old chestnut and gallops in the other direction.

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She was a member of a Greek dynasty ruling over Egypt that could trace itself back to Alexander the Great’s general Ptolemy. By her time the number of kings of Egypt named Ptolemy had reached 13, including some notable eccentrics such as Ptolemy VIII who floated around his court in a diaphanous gown that revealed every part of his portly physique all too clearly.

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