An adherent is a person who supports or follows a particular person, idea, or organization, typically someone or something that has a certain set of beliefs, principles, or policies.


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Drawing on their own survey, they found that more than a fifth of respondents who wanted the government to declare the U.S. a “Christian nation” also described themselves as being “secular,” or an adherent of a non-Christian faith. Paradoxically, so did more than fifteen per cent of self-identified Christians. This last data point might be a sign that “Christian” is starting to become something more like “Jewish”: an ancestral identity that you can keep, even if you don’t keep the faith.

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"There was some data out there but what we saw as a need was to have a real set of data that would quantify what that term means, how many Americans really adhere to it," he said. "And we also wanted to have a more nuanced view — not just people who are hard adherents but maybe people who are sympathetic."

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The evidence is clear that these price reductions will improve patient adherence – which means fewer missed doses of this lifesaving medication.

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"It's a big moment, very positive for the country overall as adherence to the program will point a way out of a partly self-induced crisis," he said. "There are plenty of examples of IMF programs restoring stability, though these often come at the cost of painful austerity.

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Senators aren’t the only ones who want more answers from Starbucks. During the company’s annual shareholder meeting last week, investors voted to approve a proposal that would have the board of directors “commission and oversee an independent, third-party assessment of Starbucks’ adherence to its stated commitment to workers’ freedom of association and collective bargaining.”

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IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said at the BFA that China will contribute more than one-third of global economic growth this year and the IMF appreciates China's adherence to multilateralism and its important contribution to preventing debt crises in developing countries.

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Trump and Putin are both now legally, if not politically, cornered. If they first were joined by their adherence to a politics of ethno-nationalist authoritarianism, now what they have in common is their pursuit of a denuded politics of destruction. With Putin’s dreams of military triumph and a restoration of Russian imperial glory dashed in the early hours of the invasion, the Russian leader now appears without strategy and goals, except to make Ukraine pay for his misbegotten aggression with death and ruination.

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In addition to Saudi Arabia's output cut of 500,000 barrels per day, other member states have also pledged cuts: the UAE will be cutting output by 144,000 barrels per day, while Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Algeria and Kazakhstan will also be reducing output. "The selected involvement of the largest OPEC+ members suggest that adherence to production cuts may be stronger than has been the case in the past," Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Vivek Dhar said in a note.

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“The involvement of the largest OPEC+ members suggests that adherence to production cuts may be stronger than has been the case in the past,” said Vivek Dhar, an energy analyst at CBA.

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As the Southern Poverty Law Center notes, Greene appeared at a gala the New York Young Republican Club hosted in December for adherents to the far right. This gala is where Greene declared that if she and fellow right-winger Steve Bannon had planned the Jan. 6 insurrection, it “would’ve been armed” and they “would have won.”

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Commenting on the report, James Blake, research fellow at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Space Domain Awareness, added: “Despite widespread acknowledgment of the severity of the space debris problem and the risk it poses to active satellites, we still see very little adherence to mitigation guidelines.

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In a statement, Reading said they had failed to adhere to the plan "despite radical changes implemented at first team level and right across the structure of the business ... and a rigid adherence to a strict league-monitored wage structure and transfer embargo.

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There’s no public safety benefit that’s derived from withholding ballots from former prisoners. And which of those former prisoners get to vote should not be determined by Youngkin’s grace, but by adherence to a clear-cut and transparent policy.

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“In the UK, we have been constructively engaging and listening to our employees through numerous meetings, and are working hard to bring them clarity and share updates as soon as we can in adherence with all UK processes and legal requirements.”

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A cap on potential rewards, standard at government agencies, means the FDIC struggles to compete for tech-native talent with Wall Street firms and financial technology startups. Past independent reviews have publicly called out the agency for poor storage of passwords, failing to update tech guides, and inadequate adherence to tech protocols, some of which the FDIC has contested. Such vulnerabilities at a bank might elicit a slap from regulators.

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However, this is not a story of a failed health system. Rather it is a story of success driven by drug development and health care over the past 40 years. Premature mortality decreased from the 1990s to the 2010s, primarily because of improvements in cardiovascular treatment. This decrease plateaued in the 2010s, not because of a failure in medicine and social structures, but because, given patient adherence levels, maximum efficiency was reached.

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Much like former President Donald Trump, some adherents of the "build the wall" rhetoric and all its troubling tributaries seem to benefit — whether politically, financially or both — the more heinous their behavior is toward migrants.

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Some adherents also subscribe to a philosophy called longtermism that looks at maximizing good over millions of years. They cite a thought experiment from Nick Bostrom’s book “Superintelligence,” which imagines a safe superhuman AI could enable humanity to colonize the stars and create trillions of future people. Building safe artificial intelligence is crucial to secure those eventual lives.

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Zurbano’s family would quietly perform rituals inside their home and divide ceremonies that once would last a week into smaller two-day chunks to avoid alerting authorities. Some adherents secretly wore religious garb under street clothes.

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On the surface, it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about. Latin Mass adherents are a tiny minority of practicing Catholics, and most Church traditionalists—bishops, priests, and laypeople alike—are content to take part in Masses offered in the language they speak in everyday life. (In the Archdiocese of New York, Mass is offered in more than a dozen languages.

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Truth is the body of real things, facts. Honour is to have a keen sense of ethical conduct and integrity. Integrity is a firm adherence to a code of especially moral incorruptible values.

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In western Ukraine, there was the Greek Catholic Church. It formed as a result of the Union of Brest in 1596 when some of the Orthodox parishes swore allegiance to the Pope. This church has always been regional and in different times existed in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Austria-Hungary, and the Russian Empire. In the USSR, the Greek Catholic Church was abolished after World War Two, but its parishes and adherents remained. When the USSR collapsed, the church openly declared its rights.

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But Tuesday’s environmental review also establishes a different way to justify the reductions. The six-state plan rationalized departing from a strict adherence to water rights by attributing some 1.5 million acre-feet of cuts to evaporation and other losses as water travels down the canals from the major reservoirs.

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It’s a stance that has many adherents within Europe — and has even worked its way into official EU policy as officials work to slowly ensure the Continent’s supply lines aren’t fully yoked to China and others on everything from weapons to electric vehicles.

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"I think they are quite right to be concerned, absolutely. But I think with the evolution of the cloud has come the introduction of a huge number of different safety checks and protocols – adherence to data protection laws for example. They still have a choice. They certainly don’t need to consume all of their services. Certainly, if 94% of all businesses are using the cloud, that tells you there is a huge amount of safety built into everything which is delivered by the cloud," Laurie Maclachlan explained.

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Reinforced by a communist intolerance of free speech and with adherents in key positions in education, politics, media and big business, these infantile new dogmas are treated as infallible.

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Due to the keen observations of some adherents , satire has a great influence. It was recently revealed that over ninety articles on the satirical website Babylon Bee have turned into true stories.

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The green man symbolises fertility and rebirth. Examples are found across Europe: there is a green man in the 6th-century palace of Constantinople; others in the Freiburg Minster spire. One theory has it that the symbol emerged during the Neolithic period, an element of the matriarchal religion of the Danube basin. From there, the green man made his way into Celtic religion and perhaps the cult of Dionysus, whose adherents would daub their faces with wine and beards of ivy.

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This had repeated, disastrous consequences, something of which modern free market boosters would do well to be aware. ‘In 1865, adherence to the doctrine of the free market obstructed the importation of rice into Orissa,’ says Biggar of one such incident, ‘where almost one million people died of starvation and resultant disease’.

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While software protocols exist for the charging industry, “ adherence to those standards is not perfect, and the standards themselves are not perfect,” Tennyson said.

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Many adherents of the ‘great hatred, little room’ theory of Northern Irish politics will claim that history shows that when the going gets tough, an ‘impartial’ outsider is needed to act as a corrective and get the show back on the road. The ‘Brits’, as the president is want to call them, and the Irish government have too much skin in the game to sort anything out according to that interpretation.

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NPR says that less than 1 per cent of its annual operating budget comes from grants awarded through federal agencies and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a publicly funded nonprofit organisation with a board appointed by US presidents, and with a statutory obligation to a “strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature.”

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We understand that this coupling of interests may become more robust with Brazil's adherence to the BRI. Therefore, we share the opinion with Karen Vasquez, who understands that the partnership between Brazil and China can produce "joint added value," which would greatly benefit Brazil.

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But the 18 months of Taliban rule in Afghanistan indicates that this easing has not been met with any concessions on the part of the Taliban administration. The idea that engagement might be reciprocated by the Taliban appears to have gravely underestimated the group’s determined adherence to its repressive core ideology – even at the cost of ignoring deteriorating realities on the ground.

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I grew up in Mississippi with an English teacher mother who demanded perfect grammar and enunciation, and I didn’t fully understand just how much my adherence to her rules made me stand out until my senior year on a mostly white college campus. That’s when a Black classmate who was also from the South interrupted me to say: “I just realized something. You talk like this all the time!”

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