Dogmatic is an adjective that describes someone who is rigid and uncompromising in their beliefs or opinions, and who is unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints.


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But Israeli and American politicians often seem caught up in the same game. Israel, like America, suffers tensions between people on the peripheries of cities and those on the urban coast, between the less well-educated, who are often religiously dogmatic , and those more cosmopolitan and scientifically inclined; between those leaning to the right and those to the left. A broad middle also exists, with people who may be religiously sentimental, or reasonably tolerant, or just can’t be bothered; over 40 percent of Israelis are secular, about 30 percent of Americans.

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Given this setup, we are comfortable with our slightly greater than 7% cash position in the Club portfolio, believing that a Fed pause would cause a rally. On the other hand, a more dogmatic Fed would prove harsh for the market overall but benefit the tech sector, which is still working through cost cuts and can put still put out growth against a slowing economy. Once again, it comes down to owning a diversified portfolio that provides areas to book profits and buy into weakness no matter the market environment.

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Have we paused to examine the evidence? And even if guilt has been established, behavioral norms are changing fast. Maybe we should be less dogmatic about our operative definitions of right and wrong.

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Jude She’s super centrist. She voted Labour a lot in the past – we agreed on liking Corbyn. But now she’s active in the Tory party. Obviously, I asked about her rationale. And she talked about changing it from within, wresting it out of the hands of old white men. I think she felt the student Labour activists were very black-and-white, dogmatic , a bit intimidating maybe. That made me cross and a bit frustrated, actually.

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The good news in this story is that radical opposition to sensible gun laws is not embedded in the American character. It’s the product of an ideology that overtook a less dogmatic form of conservatism and seized control of a political party.

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‘A queer fellow’ is how John Everett Millais described Dante Gabriel Rossetti after his death, ‘so dogmatic and so irritable when opposed.’ What’s queer in England is quite normal in Italy, where heated arguments are described as ‘discussioni’, but history has tended to forget that Rossetti was Italian. His fellow Pre-Raphaelites, however, were very conscious of his foreignness, though Holman Hunt found the ‘maccaroni’ served at the Rossetti family table – where you were as likely to meet Giuseppe Mazzini as Niccolo Paganini – ‘delicious’.

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I’d never dream of straying from the Roman tradition. But tradition isn’t as dogmatic as it may seem. Boni’s recipe, called “uova in trippa alla Romana,” includes parmesan, not pecorino. Among the other recipes Roddy shared with me, one omitted cheese and another calls for parsley. Yet another offered sliced hard-boiled egg in a thick, gravy-like sauce, to be eaten on toast. Let’s not worry about that one.

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The president’s position is reasonable and by no means dogmatic . Enough Republicans, he says, should join with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling for spending that has already happened. The cap, after all, was suspended three times when Donald Trump was president without much fuss or fanfare. Then, the two sides really should negotiate — about an actual budget.

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Beware the company, or industry, with a one-track mind. General Electric (GE.N) had one for years, consumed by Six Sigma, whose gospel the U.S. conglomerate helped spread to boardrooms far and wide. At Kraft Heinz (KHC.O), the cost-saving dogma was zero-based budgeting, which caught on with other packaged-goods makers and beyond. For North American freight train operators, the obsession is precision scheduled railroading, or PSR. Like other cultish management fads, it worked for a while and has now gone too far.

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The Scottish Parliament in Holyrood has no second chamber; parliamentary committees are less independent than in Westminster. Thorough scrutiny is missing, as shown by her gender-recognition reforms, which owe more to dogma than design.

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Complementing his Black Church upbringing, King was inspired by wisdom across continents and cultures, from the Greek classics and Gandhi to Buddhist leaders like Thich Nhat Hanh. Despite their differing dogmas , he hoped leaders from across the religious spectrum and those of no particular faith would join efforts to promote economic and racial justice and stand against imperialism.

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My dogma is that everything else follows from the experience of reading, which, when we begin our collective talk about literature, we’re forced to ignore and which is untranslatable to begin with. After all, what are we to say after we’ve ridden a roller coaster, kissed someone, been left, run aground, run away? It is precisely the experience that eludes language. At its center is a void we have no choice but to take for granted.

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This is manifested in the endorsement of every new, insane dogma which comes in, usually from US universities. Currently these are gender fluidity, race theory, historical fabrication designed to destroy patriotism or climate ‘theory’, designed, it would seem, to destroy Western economies and enrich Beijing.

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Pope Francis amended Church laws in 2021 to officially allow women to read the Bible at mass and serve communion. While Francis is known as a reformer, he has remained rigid on core Catholic dogma , opposing marriage rights for priests, refusing to condone gay marriage or abortion, and condemning transgenderism as a “dangerous ideology.”

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As both a scientist and a Jesuit, he showed how scientific theories, among them the Big Bang and Charles Darwin’s work on evolution, could lead to the existence of God, and to another world for humanity. But he also wrote about the evidentiary irrelevance of some Christian dogmas , such as original sin. He used science to give a stronger basis for Christian faith.

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"I would offer to reframe technical debt as the value of insight gathering throughout the innovation creation process," Duffey said. The "fail fast" dogma that propels much of the technology industry (when not taken literally) references experimentation, insight gathering, and optimization, he added. This can be hard to see when you look solely at the data, in part because it's difficult to quantify the process of innovation.

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This conflict concluded a historical era which we call the modern era. The basic assumptions and dogmas of modernity such as humanism and rationalism collapsed at the time. Man was no longer seen as the pinnacle of civilization but became only a means, and this ‘means’ was sent to die on the battlefields en masse.

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In what way do these enlarged visions and understandings affect the human heart, the spiritual soul? Reactions to discoveries that touch the heart and soul are largely the purview of artists who portray such reactions with their talents—not through a lecture, a dogma , a sermon, or a scree, but through a song, a symphony, a drama, a sculpture, a painting, or poems by poets engaging a bold imagination, employing all poetic crafts possible.

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And when those transphobes love the Great Books, they are often also overtly self-congratulatory about their “skepticism” and their ability to “resist dogma ” without recognizing that their own commitment to dogma has led them to embrace conclusions that are absurd. Moreover, because their intellectual prowess is at the core of their identity, the idea they might be wrong is deeply unsettling. Which, paradoxically, makes them dig in and turn hating trans people into the core of their identity.

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All of this was achieved despite the inexcusable crime of having the two main characters, Mario and Luigi, voiced by Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, who do not exactly meet the usual Woke identity dogma . Charlie Day, star of the superb sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is an incredible comic actor.

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It is instead the ultimate affirmation of materiality. It tells us that the Christian faith is as interested in mountains as it is morality; that it asks for attention not just to dogma but to dogwoods, that it is occupied not only with our souls but with our five senses.

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In particular, both have a visceral opposition to ‘wokeness’, described this week by Le Pen’s National Rally as a ‘danger to civilisation’. The National Rally have launched a cross-party parliamentary group to combat the spread of progressive dogma in French society. For them, as for the Communists, it’s a choice between nuclear energy or Net Zero; Red Meat or Vegan burgers and firmer borders or free movement.

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Recent debates around transgender people and sexual diversity have been marked by essentialism, a profoundly conservative mindset with deep links to religious and metaphysical dogmatism . It is a stance through which conservative thinkers seek certainty in a world of change and fluidity.

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The transatlantic dogma prevalent at that time had dragged down a number of European countries into a war, not in any way in their own interest, only fed the U.S. hubristic instinct. A similar strategic endeavor is seen across Washington's bipartisan policy establishment to portray its primacy-driven containment struggle against China as a transatlantic tension.

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It’s also an ode to nonconformity, a potent reminder at a time of increasing political dogma , groupthink and social media echo chambers. Miep is something of an awkward misfit, which is exactly why she doesn’t fall in line. While most of her friends and countrymen get swept up in the tidal wave, she keeps swimming against the current. And she manages to inspire the same strength in others.

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Le Maire has also been particularly harsh with the U.S., accusing Washington of using Russia’s war in Ukraine to establish “economic domination” and of breaching WTO rules with its massive subsidy package, the Inflation Reduction Act. Earlier this month, he said that Europe should, much like the the U.S. and China, put first its own industrial interests and stop obeying the free-trade dogma .

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I feel sadness and anger, then, that members of the school board are now jumping on the bandwagon of recent trends in bringing conservative religious and political dogma into educational decision-making, planning to sift through libraries and teacher’s curricular plans to rid them of what these board members consider dangerous ideas. These plans threaten to create unnecessary conflict between the board and the staff and administration.

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In 1953 he was awarded a doctorate in theology at the University of Munich. After earning his teaching license in 1957, he taught dogma and theology at the higher school of philosophy and theology in Freising until 1959, later moving to the University of Bonn (1959–69) and also teaching at universities in Münster (1963–66) and—at the invitation of the theologian Hans Küng—Tübingen (1966–69). In 1969 he moved to the University of Regensburg, where he later became vice president.