Not conforming to the type or norm; unusual, irregular, or uncommon.


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Matthew Zapruder’s new memoir, “Story of a Poem,” isn’t just about a poem. It’s also the story of a writer, a father, a husband, a son — and this story has a plot twist: The author’s young son is diagnosed with autism. Wp Get the full experience. Choose your plan ArrowRight Writing about himself in third person, Zapruder poses the question that lives at the heart of this book: “What is the relation between making poems and learning to be the father of this atypical child?”

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But as lockdown hit the band encountered tragedy. Denise “hadn’t turned up for rehearsals”, says Moscrop. “Totally, totally unlike her.” On the same day, a friend noticed that the singer had been atypically inactive on social media during a game by her beloved Manchester City, and visited her home. On 27 July 2020, she was found dead aged 56.

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Women with dense breasts, especially if they also have other risk factors such as family history of breast cancer or prior atypical biopsy, should consider adding screening MRI to their annual mammogram. But MRI requires lying in the tunnel of the magnet, which can be difficult for women with claustrophobia. It also requires intravenous contrast injection. Cancers become more visible with contrast because they have more and leakier blood vessels than normal tissue.

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The 1513 portrait "An Old Woman" by Flemish artist Quinten Massys might well be one of the Renaissance's most famous paintings. It is also one of the period's most atypical .

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Of course, you don't have to have a S{$}5,000 monogram carryall to be a #gogreen crusader. But if dig the idea of atypical bags for your grocery, which can also be used when you're out and about shopping at the malls, scroll on for a stellar crop.

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By their nature, these cases are atypical – that’s why they make headlines. But why should the fact that English law takes spousal equality seriously be a matter for regret? The 1970s legislation aimed to ensure the non-financial contributions of spouses, such as home-making and caring, should be recognised. Judges have been clear it is discriminatory to assume the breadwinner spouse is making a greater contribution to the relationship and should keep a larger part of the wealth than the other who takes on the role of carer. Surely this is an enlightened position.

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Investigators “are now working on the hypothesis of a gas explosion" as the cause of the building's collapse, Laurens said during a Tuesday news conference. A gas meter was found in the rubble that may help determine whether there was atypical consumption in the 24 hours prior to the explosion.

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In what Tang suggested was the result of a renewed partnership, China ended restrictions on Brazilian beef just before Lula was initially scheduled to make his trip. Sales of Brazilian beef to China were banned in February following the discovery of an atypical case of mad cow disease.

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The more traditional approach set against Trump’s atypical combination of accomplishment and high-drama personal life creates a new dynamic for Iowa social conservatives to weigh.

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China also recently ended a ban on Brazilian beef imposed in February following the discovery of an atypical case of mad cow disease.

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But the “nail in the coffin” was a study of major expert diagnostic clinics across the US showing diagnoses weren’t being given uniformly. Whether you were labelled with Asperger’s, autistic disorder or atypical autism (which could be diagnosed when not all the symptoms to meet the others were present and which was also collapsed into ASD) depended first and foremost on the habits and practices of the particular clinic.

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Luckily, Ludwig’s characters and Birger Heymann’s songs still shine. There’s “It’s wonderful to be alive”, an atypically optimistic hymn to the blooming linden trees at Görlitzer Park, still performed with a Fred Astaire shuffle by the same actor who played the part in 1986, 83-year-old Dietrich Herrmann. “You sit in front of me”, a potty-mouthed chorus number in which commuters hum fantasies about their fellow passengers, zips along in Bahar Meriç’s minimalist choreography.

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Accounts may also be closed for Russians holding so-called ‘ atypical ’ residence permits in the country, such as Digital Nomad or Category F. The latter is commonly granted to people who possess and have fully and freely at their disposal a secured annual income that is sufficient to provide them with a decent living in Cyprus.

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Some legal experts expressed doubt that the court would take up its own oral arguments so quickly. “It’d be somewhat atypical for them to add this to the docket while things are proceeding at the 5th Circuit and at the district court,” said Mary Ziegler, a professor of law at the University of California at Davis.

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Brad Listi: I was going to ask you, because this book is obviously about poetry and there is, as we’ve been discussing, the craft element, but it’s also a very personal book about parenthood, and in particular, what it means to be the parent of a neurodivergent child, and all of the fear and anxiety and heartbreak and crushing love that happens to a person, as I well know, when your child is atypical . So you had that on your mind clearly, and you knew you were going to write about it.

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The magnitude of gains has been unimpressive, barely and briefly touching 20% on an intraday basis. And banks badly lagging the S & P while gold outperforms off would likewise be highly atypical behavior coming off a decisive low. Oh and the one instance in the Bespoke study when stocks did make a new low more than six months after the prior one was 2001-02, the episode that has haunted the current cycle for years given the echoes of an overstimulated tech sector leading the market lower amid a "mild" recession.

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The government could emulate the private sector, picking out the most effective solutions — perhaps installing paper-thin RFID tags on documents and binders (triggering an alarm on exit, much like the system retail stores use to protect against shoplifting) or stepping up the use of artificial intelligence to catch anomalous behavior (such as someone printing out an atypical document). If every ATM. can have a camera, why not every top-secret printer? The government has been slow to adopt robust private sector techniques because they are costly and time-consuming to implement, and Congress demands quick fixes.

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And yet, the medically gendered origin of the skein is still the albatross around The Power’s neck. Because Ryan and his atypical estrogen levels are the only meaningful swing the series takes at interrogating what, with humanity being as biologically, culturally, and socially complex as it is, the broader effects of an estrogen-fueled electrical evolution might actually be. Which, here in the ninth year of the Right’s escalating war against trans existence, isn’t just confounding, but a failure of thoughtful storytelling.

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“I’ve always been intimidated by literature,” she says. “I’m severely atypically dyslexic. My spelling’s all over the place: cat with a ‘k’, ceiling with an ‘s’.

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"Your father unfortunately presented very atypically - he presented with an altered mental state and changes in behaviour, and that was the main concern that we had," she said.

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Decades before Jimi was born, chemist Linus Pauling discovered the root of the problem in sickle cell disease: an atypical form of the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin protein inside red blood cells. He dubbed sickle cell the first “molecular” disease — a new paradigm that would shape biomedical research for decades.

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In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association's manual of mental disorders — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, or D.S.M.-5 — included binge eating as an official eating disorder for the first time. The D.S.M.-5 also eliminated a requirement that people lose their periods to be diagnosed with anorexia, and added “ atypical anorexia” for people with anorexia who aren’t technically underweight.

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