Betrothed refers to someone who is engaged to be married, or the act of becoming engaged.


US English

UK English

Part of speech

Adjective or noun.


Engaged, promised, affianced.


Single, unattached.

Example sentences

  • The betrothed couple had been together for years before deciding to get engaged.
  • Her parents were delighted when she announced that she was betrothed to her long-term boyfriend.
  • The tradition of betrothal was an important part of many cultures, often involving the exchange of gifts or the signing of a formal agreement.


The word betrothed is typically used to describe someone who is engaged to be married. It can also refer to the act of becoming engaged, as in “they made their betrothal official with a ring exchange.” As an adjective, it is often used to describe the state of being engaged, as in “the betrothed couple was eagerly planning their wedding.” As a noun, it can be used to refer to the person who is engaged, as in “the betrothed were deeply in love and looking forward to their life together."

The term betrothed is most commonly used in the context of romantic relationships and marriage, but it can also be used in a more general sense to refer to a formal agreement or promise between two parties. For example, a business might be described as being betrothed to a particular supplier or partner, indicating a strong and committed relationship. Overall, the term betrothed is a useful word for describing the state of being engaged or committed to a particular person or idea