Having a sweet, innocent, and angelic appearance or demeanor.


US English

UK English

Part of speech



Angelic, innocent, adorable, cute, pure


Sinister, evil, malicious, wicked, devilish

Example sentences:

  • The cherubic baby smiled and cooed, making everyone in the room smile.
  • The cherubic choir sang with sweet and innocent voices.
  • The cherubic paintings in the church depicted angels and other heavenly beings.


The word “cherubic” is derived from the word “cherub,” which is a type of angel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition. The word “cherub” comes from the Hebrew word “kerub,” which means “one who intercedes.” Someone who is described as cherubic is often characterized by their innocent and childlike appearance, with rosy cheeks and a round face. This word is often used to describe young children or babies who have a particularly cute or angelic appearance.