morally wrong


US English

UK English

Part of speech



disgraceful, ignoble, immoral, unethical, unworthy


honorable, noble, right, upright, virtuous

Example sentences

  • The dishonorable actions of the soldier led to his discharge.
  • She had a low opinion of the dishonorable man who had betrayed his country.
  • The dishonorable behavior of the thief made him an outcast.


The word “dishonorable” is used to describe someone or something that is morally wrong. It is often used to suggest a lack of honor or integrity, and may be seen as being unethical or disgraceful. The word is often used in a negative context, indicating a lack of respect or dignity. A person or thing that is described as “dishonorable” may be seen as being unworthy, disgraceful, or unworthy of trust, and is not necessarily viewed as being a good or honorable thing.