Unfriendly or hostile in manner or behavior; showing anger or enmity; tending to attack or oppose.


US English

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Part of speech



unfriendly, hostile, aggressive, menacing, combative, warlike


friendly, amicable, peaceful, cooperative, kind, welcoming

Example sentences

  • The hostile takeover bid was met with resistance from the target company.
  • The hostile crowd jeered and booed the visiting team.
  • The hostile border region was known for its dangerous conditions.


“Hostile” is an adjective used to describe something that is considered to be aggressive, unfriendly, or threatening. It suggests an attitude or behavior that is characterized by opposition, conflict, or violence, and may evoke feelings of fear, anger, or hostility in those who experience it. People or things that are described as hostile may be perceived as dangerous, unpredictable, or unreasonable, and may be difficult to engage with or deal with in a peaceful or constructive manner. The word is often used to describe interactions between individuals or groups that are characterized by animosity, competition, or conflict, but can also be used to describe natural phenomena, such as hostile weather conditions, or physical spaces, such as hostile environments