Pellucid is an adjective that describes something that is clear, transparent, and easy to understand. It refers to an object or a concept that is easily visible or understood without any ambiguity.


US English

UK English

Part of speech

Pellucid is an adjective.


Transparent, clear, lucid, crystal clear, easy to understand, unambiguous.


Opaque, murky, cloudy, obscure, ambiguous, unintelligible.

Example sentences

  • The pellucid water of the lake was so clear that we could see the fish swimming.
  • The writer’s pellucid style of writing made the complex topic easy to understand.
  • The teacher’s pellucid explanation helped the students understand the concept easily.


The word “pellucid” is derived from the Latin word “pellucidus,” which means transparent. It is often used to describe objects that are transparent, such as water or glass, and also to describe concepts or ideas that are clear and easily understood. The word can be used to describe anything that is easy to see or understand, without any confusion or ambiguity.

The word “pellucid” can be used with prefixes and suffixes to create new words with similar meanings. For example, the prefix “im-” can be added to “pellucid” to create “impellucid,” which means not transparent or not easy to understand. Similarly, the suffix “-ity” can be added to “pellucid” to create “pellucidity,” which means the state of being pellucid or the quality of being transparent and easily understood.

Overall, the word “pellucid” is a useful word to describe anything that is clear and transparent or easy to understand. It is a valuable word to use when describing scientific phenomena, writing, or public speaking, as it conveys a sense of clarity and precision in communication. It is also a good word to use in literary writing, where authors often use precise language to describe their characters or settings