Overly grandiose and showy in speech or behavior


US English

UK English

Part of speech



grandiose, pretentious, overblown, showy, flamboyant, excessive


modest, unassuming, understated, simple, humble

Example sentences

  • He was known for his bombastic speeches, filled with grandiose promises and dramatic flourishes.
  • The film was criticized for its bombastic style, lacking substance and relying on spectacle.
  • Her performance was described as bombastic, with exaggerated gestures and over-the-top acting.


Bombastic is used to describe something or someone that is overly grandiose or pretentious in speech or behavior. It often implies a lack of substance or authenticity, and is used to describe actions or statements that are designed to impress or make an impact, but that ultimately fall short. Bombastic behavior or language is often seen as insincere, overblown, or excessive, and can be perceived as annoying or even offensive. However, in some cases, bombast can be used effectively as a means of persuasion or entertainment, and may be appreciated for its humor, energy, or creativity. Ultimately, the impact of bombast will depend on the audience, the context, and the intention of the speaker or performer