Rude or lacking in refinement; coarse or rough


US English

UK English

Part of speech



coarse, rough, inelegant


refined, delicate, sophisticated

Example sentences

  • The crude language used in the film was inappropriate for a general audience.
  • She had a crude sense of humor that some found offensive.
  • The crude oil was processed to remove impurities and produce gasoline.


The word “crude” is used to describe something that is rude or lacking in refinement, and is often used to suggest coarseness or roughness. It implies that something is not polished or elegant, and may be seen as being rough around the edges. The word is often used in a negative context, indicating a lack of sophistication or cultural awareness. A person or thing that is described as “crude” may be seen as being rough, uncivilized, or lacking in good manners. In some contexts, the term may be used more broadly to describe anything that is rough or lacking in refinement, including raw materials, works of art, or manners of speech