easily made angry; prone to temperamental outbursts


US English

UK English

Part of speech



irritable, touchy, easily angered, quick-tempered, hot-headed, snappish


calm, patient, gentle, easy-going, mild-mannered, placid

Example sentences

  • The irascible old man was known for his quick temper and tendency to shout at people.
  • The irascible customer was unhappy with the service and was shouting at the staff.
  • The irascible teacher was quick to scold any student who misbehaved in class.


Irascible is an adjective used to describe someone who is easily made angry or upset. People who are irascible tend to have a short fuse, and may lash out at others without warning. They are often quick to take offense and slow to forgive. In general, irascible people are difficult to be around because their mood can change so quickly and unpredictably. However, it is important to note that not all people with short tempers are irascible all the time; sometimes, the stress of life’s circumstances can cause even the most even-tempered person to become irascible