US English

UK English

Part of speech



wicked, evil, malicious, malevolent, villainous, corrupt, unethical, criminal, sinister


good, virtuous, benevolent, noble, honorable, ethical, honest

Example sentences

  • The notorious gangster was known for his nefarious activities and corrupt business dealings.
  • The company’s reputation was tarnished by the discovery of their nefarious practices.
  • Nefarious hackers stole sensitive information from the company’s database.


Nefarious is an adjective used to describe actions or people that are evil, wicked, or morally wrong. It is often used to describe criminal or unethical activities, such as fraud, theft, or acts of violence. The word has a strong connotation of immorality and wrongdoing, and is often used to describe individuals or organizations that engage in such activities. In order to describe someone or something as nefarious, it must be clear that the subject’s actions are wrong and harmful to others